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CESSNA SKYLANE 182 M24 RC Airplanes
Cessna Skylane 182 M24 RC Airplanes
. Meanwhile, if you are interested in owning and flying a Cessna Skylane but find the cost of owning or flying one a bit prohibitive, perhaps you should consider a scaled down version. The Cessna 182 Skylane M24 RC Airplane was rated the best electric ultralight plane at an event last year and the best part about the RC plane is its retail price: only US$260 (and batteries are included).

Garmin Tips: Inserting a Waypoint into a Flight Plan. However, if you are flying a full scale version of the plane or any plane for that matter and want to know how to insert a waypoint into a flight plan, the COPA blog explains how.

Weight and Balance Calculations. Meanwhile on a safety note, Vincent mentions on his Plastic Pilot blog an accident report from the AOPA that involves an overweight Bonanza that crashed a few hundred feet after taking off during high temperatures. Apparently, the pilot had performed a mental weight and balance calculation after topping off the airplane’s fuel tanks  – just as he had done in the past at the same airport and in warm weather conditions. Without going into all the details of the incident, Vincent points out that the accident has several important safety lessons (hence his post and the AOPA report are worth reading) and he invites comments from readers.

Watch Out For Pigs and Dogs During Landings/Takeoffs. And finally, we have heard plenty of stories about bird strike incidents involving aircraft but what about pig strikes or dog strikes? Apparently both have happened and in India according to the Bangalore Aviation blog. On July 17th, a Kingfisher Airlines plane was landing in Nagpur when three wild pigs ran out onto the runway and one of them made contact with the aircraft which resulted in no damage. The incident is a reminder of another incident that occurred on March 28, 2008 in Bangalore where a dog strike broke the nose wheel off of a Kingfisher Aircraft resulting in a blocked runway and a four hour shutdown of the airport. So remember, if you are a pilot, you need to be prepared for anything – even for the possibility of striking pigs and dogs on the runway!

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