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Blériot XI
100th Anniversary of Louis Blériot Across the Channel
. For those of you who regularly fly across the Channel, imagine doing so in a plane made from wood, wire, canvas and wheel axles no thicker than a broomstick. That is just what Louis Blériot did 100 years ago and in honor of this historic flight from France to Dover, a recreation was recently done with one pilot making the trip in a replica of the original plane.

100 Years of Flight Across Canada. On a similar note across the pond, more than 100 small planes flew across Canada in honor of the 100th anniversary of Canadian flight. The flight ended last July 28th and was the largest group of non-military aircraft to ever make the cross country trip together. John Lovelace has filed daily reports documenting the trip which can be read on the website.

Kai Tak Approaches. And on another historical note, in case you have never experienced the thrill of flying into the old Hong Kong airport, David Cenciotti has recently found and posted on his blog a cockpit video showing an approach with a flare in crosswind conditions that brings the aircraft into a dangerous attitude before landing. In another entry, he has posted a couple of videos taken from the ground that look even more scary than actually being in one of the planes landing.

What it Takes to be an Airline Pilot. And finally on a humorous note, if you ever wanted to know what it takes to be an airline pilot (in Australia…), the Lucky Puppy Aviation blog has posted a video of professional pilots being interviewed in a flight simulator. You probably didn’t know that the stripes on a pilot’s shoulder denote the number of passengers a pilot has “lost” or that the trickiest thing about taking off is just “staying on the runway” or that the reason you need to buckle-up is because the pilot “had a few whiskeys this morning…” The short skip is definitely worth watching by any private pilot who is thinking of turning flying into a career!

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