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Flying Over the Rocky Mountains Over the Divide. Meanwhile, Brian of Brian’s Flying Blog has posted a trip report along with some great pictures of his recent flight over the Rocky Mountains and the continental divide. In the past, Brian has also posted other entries about mountain flying, including Mountain Flying Thoughts and VFR Paths Over the Rockies that are worth reading if you plan to do any mountain flying in the near future.

Croc on AirplaneFerrying an AT-3 to Switzerland. However, should you be planning to fly over the Swiss Alps in the near future, Vincent of Plastic Pilot has recently posted an entry about ferrying an AT-3 to Switzerland along with a few fantastic pictures of the Alps. In the past, Vincent has also posted an entry containing all of his useful tips for flying in Switzerland and another one about flying in the Alps.

Boeing 720b Demolition Video. On an interesting note, Airline Empires has a time lapsed video posted of a Boeing 720b being demolished. The video runs for about 2 minutes – a much shorter time than it took to demolish the aircraft.

Crocodiles and Scorpions Loose on Commercial Flights. And finally on a really odd note, a foot long baby crocodile recently got loose on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo to walk down the passenger aisle during the flight before it was re-captured (or perhaps wrestled…) by the crew. Although all of the passengers were questioned, none were willing to admit to trying to smuggle a live crocodile onboard a passenger plane and the reptile is now living in the Giza Zoo in Cairo.

This incident happened not long after a scorpion with five of its babies decided to hitch a ride on board a Southwest Airline from Phoenix to Indiana. In that incident, the stowaways were discovered by a passenger who felt a familiar stinging sensation while rummaging through his carry-on bag before landing. He notified the flight crew who notified ground personnel who exterminated the hitchhikers and fumigated the aircraft overnight (The passenger was treated at the airport for his sting)

Although clearly its NOT a good idea to bring (or smuggle) pet crocodiles onboard airplanes while risk of scorpions sneaking onboard a plane in Europe is probably minimal, the second incident shows that unwanted stowaways (bees, wasps etc.) can always hitch a ride with you if you are not careful!

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