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Trip Reports from the Michigan / Great Lakes Region. For anyone flying across the pond, Steve has posted two entries on A mile of runway will take you anywhere. His trip in a Cessna 150 took him from Detroit to Put In Bay and Stewart and he has posted a number of videos and photos.

Photos of Airplanes from the Cardrona Ski Field in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Mike of the MRC Aviation blog has posted some shots taken from a vantage point on the Cardrona Ski Field near Wanaka in New Zealand. The ski field happens to be at the same elevation where a few planes and helicopters operate in.

Experimental Aircraft Wiring Videos. On a different note, Smitty’s RV-9A blog has posted an Intro to Experimental Aircraft Wiring video parts one and two. Watching just one of the videos may or may not be reason enough decided to buy a prebuilt airplane rather than build your own experimental one!

Vicki Cruse Agricultural Pilot Careers. On an interesting note, the Aviation News blog has posted an entry noting that the great thing about a career involving aviation is the number of different kinds of jobs that are available – including careers involving agriculture. In addition to the usual pilot training and certifications, agricultural pilots must be trained in loading the chemicals properly in the aircraft and have a firm understanding of the intricacies of both the application system and the aircraft. The entry notes that you can work for large agricultural companies or even be your own boss with your own plane and growers as clients plus there is even a trade association in the US (the National Agricultural Aviation Association) with 1,500 members.

Why Mercury Thermometers are not Allowed on Planes. On another interesting note, in case you have ever wondered why mercury thermometers are not allowed on aircraft, the Webaviation Blogspot explains that mercury would react to aluminum and aluminum is the material used to make an airplane’s frame. Apparently, when aluminum rusts, it produces a protective oxide coating but mercury will break through this coating creating heat and eat away at the aluminum under.

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