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Your Airline Pilot is About to Go Unconscious. The Daily Express has a lengthy article about what it calls one of the most controversial but least publicised problems in the airline industry: Pilots having to don oxygen masks mid-flight at least once a month after being affected by fumes entering the cockpit and cabin – leading to mayday calls, emergency landings and even crews ­ferried to hospitals.

EU Puts Carbon Scheme on Hold. In other airline or aviation related news, the European Commission’s plans to force airlines to buy carbon permits have been put on hold – heading off a global aviation trade war. However, Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has warned that unless the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), a United Nations agency, comes up with its own scheme in 12 months, the EU would resurrect its controversial scheme. So stay tuned…

Nine Year Old Girl Begins the Path to Become a Pilot. Meanwhile, the Belfast Telegraph has reported that a nine-year-old girl named Ellie Carter is taking a step closer to her dream of becoming a pilot by learning about aeronautics with flying instructor Martin Kettle. However, she will have to wait until she is 14 to fly under instruction, then aged 16 to fly solo and then aged 17 to complete her private pilot’s licence. But its never too early to begin the flight training process!

Flight Design Celebrates 25 Years With a Special Livery. Germany based Flight Design, a worldwide Light-Sport Aircraft market leader, is celebrating 25 years of aircraft development and manufacturing with a special “Jubilee” series of the company’s models that will be limited to 25 aircraft. According to the company, the aircraft come with a “personal touch, a unique equipment list and special pricing” plus the special “Jubilee treatment” can be applied to any of several models in production. For more information, visit

Last Flying B-29 Superfortress Grounded. During its last airshow flight of the season, FIFI, the world’s only flying B-29 Superfortress, experienced an engine problem but managed to return safely to the ground. However, FIFI’s number two engine needs major and costly repairs which has forced the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) to launch a fund raising campaign to raise the needed funds. For more information, visit or

The EZPlotter Requires No Calculations. For pilots still using paper charts, Sporty’s now offers the EZPlotter which can simply be placed on top of the departure airport on a sectional chart and then it’s a matter of moving the arm to the destination. The plotter will display the distance and course to the destination with no calculations required. Sporty’s EZPlotter is available for $11.95 at

Business Jet Comparison App. If you are in the market for a business jet (or more likely, just enjoy admiring them), AVweb has mentioned that Upcast Media (a Russian publisher) has introduced an iPad app that makes comparing business jets a little easier. JetBook is an interactive tool that graphically and textually presents and compares 65 of the most popular business jets from every perspective imaginable plus the app has real-time updating ability for when a business jet manufacturer changes the specs of an aircraft.

Audio: ATC Scolds a Pilot for Shoddy Reporting. Finally and although the audio is not perfectly clear, the Bangalore Aviation blog has posted an audio of a Jet Airways pilot in India who fails to follow the prescribed ICAO format when addressing Mumbai ATC. The air traffic controller then dresses the pilot down and gives him a lesson on the correct protocol and ICAO procedure which the chastened pilots then follow. In other words, never mess with or get lazy with ATC when it comes to reporting!

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