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A Day at Medfly. Ron Rapp of the House of Rapp blog has posted an interesting entry about a day in his life as a pilot in California whose job it is to spray for Mediterranean Fruit Flies (Medflies). With most of flights taking place in the Los Angeles basin, some of the most congested airspace in the world, he notes that he and his fellow Medfly pilots “operate close to terrain, at low altitudes under the LAX localizer, and in all sorts of odd places you don’t normally find airplanes.” Definitely NOT your typical pilot job!

Cirrus Chute Deploy

Hand-Propping Gone Wrong. Meanwhile, Blake Crosby of Fly With Blake has recently discovered and posted an old FAA safety video showing how NOT to hand-prop an aircraft. Only the airplane appears to have NOT suffered any damages!

Favorite Aviation Videos. On a lighter note, Smitty of Smitty’s RV-9A blog has posted links to some of his favorite aviation videos, including emergency landing on a highway.

Cirrus SR22 Chute Deploy. Any finally, has posted pictures of the recent Cirrus SR22 chute deploy. The pilot, who was flying alone and experienced mechanical trouble after takeoff from the Montgomery County Airpark in Maryland, was forced to deploy the 17m (55ft) diameter ballistic chute and land on a residential street. Although the plane broke its left wing on a delivery truck and snapped its tail cone and nose gear upon impact with the street, there were no injuries reported (More specific details of the mishap were also reported on the Aero-News Network)

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