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GoodReader and PDFPlates for the iPhone. For those of you who are new to iPhones and their potential uses by pilots, John Ewing has posted a detailed review (complete with screen shots) for the GoodReader (a PDF reader for iPhones) and PDFPlates (which uses the GoodReader). However and as noted by John, the iPhone screen is pretty small for cockpit use but the upside of course is that you will have the most current A/FDs and terminal procedures available right on your phone.

New financing Option from Cessna. Meanwhile, the Aerotrader Insider blog has noted that the Cessna Finance Corporation (CFC) has started a new financing program and lower rates are available for single-engine piston and Caravan aircraft purchased in 2009. The Cessna press release has also noted that since many of these aircraft are used for business, they may also qualify for accelerated depreciation thanks to the 2009 Federal stimulus package that is set to expire this year. Hence, now is a good time for Americans to consider buying an aircraft.

A Casual Pre-flight Check, Could Mean an Inflight Wreck. On an interesting note, Paul who is the blogger behind the Ask a Flight Instructor blog, recently purchased 78 old copies of “FAA Aviation News” from the 1970s on eBay and while leafing through them, he found some great aviation related cartons – each of which come with a rhyming aviation truth (“Use your smarts, get current charts”) that is still relevant today. He has scanned about 15 of the cartoons and has posted them onto his blog for printing or downloading.

Cold Baltic Sea, Hot Baltic Skies. And finally on another interesting note, David Cenciotti and Simone Bovi have posted the next installment of Airspace Violations – a series that traces the lesser known aviation incidents of the Cold War. In their second installment, a 1950 incident over the Baltic Sea is recounted and well worth a read by aviation and military history buffs.

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