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How to Take pictures of Your Flight Helmets and Other Gear/Memorabilia. For anyone with flight gear or memorabilia to photograph (i.e. flight helmets, navigation instruments, radios, fuel gauges, aircraft antennas etc.), David Cenciotti tells you how on his Weblog. His secret for great photos is the Cubelite kit and you can read more about it in his blog entry.

small-helicopterBeware of Old Flight and Navigation Instruments. However and should your collection of aviation related gear and memorabilia include old flight and navigation instruments, David warns in another post that these instruments may emit radiation and hence, they may not be the best items to keep next to or under the bed.

Serious Runway Incursions on the Decline. Meanwhile and across the pond, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reporting that serious runway incursions (their definition of a runway incursion is when something or someone intrudes on the runway without authorization) were down 50% for the most recent 12-month period compared to the previous year. During the fiscal year 2009 which ended on September 30, there were only 12 serious incursions (with two involving commercial carriers) compared with 25 incidents during the fiscal year 2008.

Micro RC Helicopter. On a random note, should you be interested in owning and flying a helicopter or specifically one that can fit into the palm of your hand, the RC Airplanes blog has recently profiled the Micro RC Helicopter – the smallest and lightest micro R/C helicopter in the world. In other words, the perfect Christmas gift for your child or the child in you!

The Perfect Watch for a Pilot. And should you need a watch for flying, the AOPA Zulu Time Watch made exclusively for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) may be the answer. The watch allows the wearer to view Zulu time in the digital readout while having local time on the analog hands. It also features a countdown timer, stop watch, luminescent hands for night flights and a even digital alarm. The watch is available from for US$69.95 and a portion of every sale will go to support the AOPA.

Supplemental Oxygen for Your Pets. And finally, should you be flying at a high altitude with your pet, they may need supplemental oxygen to avoid the short-term (and potentially long-term) effects from hypoxia. Hence, 4 Paws Aviation has come up with a supplemental oxygen hood specially designed for pets. According to them:

Our test results have shown animals start decreasing blood oxygen levels starting at 8,000 feet and a significant decrease at 10,000 feet and above. We recommend oxygen use at 10,000 feet and above for your pets, lower if the owner thinks it is necessary.

In other words, their product is definitely something to consider if you will be flying at higher altitudes with your pet and if your pet is a dog (However, I DON’T think my cat would want that hood placed around its head!)4Paws



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