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FAA Aviation News’ Ice Issue. With winter fast approaching, the latest issue of FAA Aviation News is dedicated to winter and ice in particular. Topics covered include icy runways, in-flight icing and the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in winter. 

night-flier The Night Flier. On a more unusual note, Halloween has come and gone this weekend and Jill Tallman has recently writen on the AOPA blog about the only horror movie made that features vampires, “creepy reporters” and general aviation. The movie she is thinking of is the 1997 film “The Night Flier” which is based upon a short story by Stephen King. The storyline follows a reporter who works for a tabloid newspaper and uses his Bonanza to fly around the country to chase up sordid stories and eventually a vampire who flies a black Cessna Skymaster (Somehow, I think I must have missed this movie!)

LogTen Pro Update. On a different note, John Ewing has noted on his Aviation Mentor blog that Mac-based electronic logbook LogTen Pro has added some new and nifty features – including a way to track currency and duty limits.

ForeFlight Mobile Review. In addition, John has also posted a very detailed review of ForeFlight Mobile, a preflight planning tool for the iPhone. In the review, John stated that ForeFlight Mobile is the preflight planning tool that he wishes he had a few years ago. The application is available for US$74.99 from Apple’s App Store.

Jepp Chart Reader Bundle Pricing Introduced. Meanwhile, General Aviation News has reported that Solidfx, the makers of the only digital reader for Jeppesen terminal charts, has just unveiled bundled pricing for JeppView subscribers who purchase their Solidfx FX10 chart reader (US$1,595). Subscribers to the full 48-state coverage will now have instant access to all terminal charts on the FX10 for just US$55 more a year.

Updates to Sporty’s Complete Private Pilot Course. And for both student pilots as well as experienced pilots who need to stay up-to-date, General Aviation News has recently noted that Sporty’s has made more than 60 updates to their Complete Private Pilot Course. Major revisions include segments about ATC/Communication, weather and basic attitude instrument flying. The complete course is available on DVD for US$199.

Did the Airbus Tray Table Distract the Northwest Flight Crew? And finally, the Northwest flight that missed the airport has filled the airwaves for more than a week now but Jon Ostrower has asked on his Flight Global blog whether the built-in Airbus tray table contributed to the distraction of the plane’s flight crew. John has even produced a short video and he makes a valid point that a laptop’s screen could have easily blocked the pilot’s navigation display. Then again, that might also be why laptops are BANNED in flight!

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  1. Sylvia November 3, 2009 at 23:11 #

    That film sounds bizarre! I take it as a challenge, we need more short fiction focused around general aviation 🙂

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