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ForeFlight Charts for iPhone. Meanwhile, John Ewing has posted a very detailed review about ForeFlight Charts for the iPhone on his Aviation Mentor blog. ForeFlight Charts is meant to provide pilots with the ability to quickly access VFR Sectionals and Terminal Area Charts on their iPhone even when its in airplane mode and when there is no 3G or WiFi connection. At US$9.99 per year, John concludes that ForeFlight Charts is a “usable package at a reasonable price.”

citationcj41 AirGator New NAVPad Family of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs). Should you be needing an electronic flight bag (EFBs), General Aviation News has posted a press release from AirGator announcing their latest additions to their NAVPad family of EFBs which (according to company officials) have significantly longer battery life and lower power consumption. The new NAVPad family uses a low power consumption Intel ATOM processor at 1.6GHz and are configured standard with 2GB RAM. A base configuration of the NAVPad 8X starts at US$3,280 while the NAVPad 10X starts at US$3,660.

Flight Guide eBooks with IFR PilotPlates Debut. In addition, General Aviation News has posted a press release from Flight Guide announcing the new Flight Global eBooks with IFR PilotPlates for USA based pilots. The eBooks display airport diagrams, airspace graphics, fuel prices, airport and other information on portable Sony and Kindle DX Readers. Annual membership is US$35 per region (east, central or west) or US$89 for all three regions while existing Flight Guide manual subscribers pay jus US$19 per region.

New Prices for Dynon Avionics’ SkyView System. Meanwhile, Dynon (a leader in experimental and LSA avionics) has also announced new prices for their Avionics’ SkyView System. Prices for a SkyView EFIS System start at US$3,900 for a system with a 7-inch display while their “ultimate system” with a 10-inch display will cost US$9,980. Prices for individual components will vary and shipments are scheduled to start in December.

Cessna Announces Preliminary Performance Increases for Citation CJ4. And finally, if you are in the market for an aircraft, Cesna has recently announced performance increases for the Citation CJ4 which include “a maximum speed of 452 knots (838 kilometers per hour), a range of 1,963 nautical miles (3,638 kilometers) with two crew and five passengers, and a direct climb to 45,000 feet (13,716 meters) in just 28 minutes at maximum takeoff weight.” Not bad and deliveries are expected to begin in the first half of 2010.

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