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The AOPA Summit 2009. Last week was the AOPA summit in Tampa Florida and several bloggers including Steve from the A mile of runway will take you anywhere blog and Max Trescott were there. In fact, Max was interviewed for a segment entitled Strategies for Learning to Fly Glass Cockpit Aircraft and he has posted the video on his website.

Flying (Soaring) on the Cheap. Meanwhile, the Let’s Go Flying blog recently had an entry suggesting that if the costs associated with flying are holding you back, you might want to consider a soaring club and Sailplanes or gliders in general – which will definitely save you on the cost of fuel!

Airline Crews Tell Their Stories to the London Times. In case you have missed it, the Dallas News’ Aviation Biz blog has mentioned that The Times of London has recently posted a collection of stories told to them by flight crews and passengers. Some of the stories include a baby being accidentally folded up in a business-class seat, the usual misbehaving by celebrities and a guy whose girlfriend took his clothes after they, ummm, finished up in the airplane’s bathroom. Already, the story has close to 100 comments from readers.

Airspace Violations: Swedish Catalina vs. Soviet Mig-15s. For history buffs, David Cenciotti and Simone Bovi have added the next installment to their series about airspace violations during the Cold War. In this edition, they explore incidents involving Sweden and the Soviet Union.

Aircraft Encounters with Bears. Meanwhile, Sylvia has recently found and posted pictures on her Fear of Flying blog that shows what happens when you go on a fishing trip in Alaska and leave the catch inside your aircraft. Not a good idea!


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  1. Sylvia November 15, 2009 at 14:56 #

    Hey, it's actually the landing I fear! 😉

    Fear of Landing

    Thanks for the link!

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