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Checklist Lite and Checklist Pro Reviews. John Ewing has recently posted a very detailed review of Checklist Lite and Checklist Pro for the iPhone on Aviation Mentor. According to John, the Pro version is “well-designed and executed” and hence, perfect for any pilot with a checklist fetish. The Lite version of the application is free while the Pro version costs US$19.99.

Potentially Useful Weather Applications. In addition, Alex Hammer has written a short post on his aviation blog suggesting a couple of weather applications that might interest pilots. These applications include Pilot My-Cast: Stay Ahead of the Weather for blackberries which costs US$10 a month, AirWx Aviation Weather for blackberries and the WXsys which requires a subscription of almost US$14 per month. Alex also makes the observation that its “amazing that there aren’t a ton of really good aps that would bring together all those free resources and leverage the curve’s amazingly accurate GPS.”

Avidyne Unveils a New Autopilot. Meanwhile, General Aviation News has recently reported that Avidyne Corp. has unveiled the DFC90, a new attitude-based Digital Flight Control System. The DFC90 has a retail price of US$9,995.

Airbags Now Available for Barons & Bonanzas. In addition, General Aviation News has also recently reported that airbags are now available for both the pilot and co-pilot seats in Barons and Bonanzas. The airbags can deploy in less than 90 milliseconds and they deploy up and away from the person they are designed to protect and hence, they are safer than automobile airbags. RAPID, Hawker Beechcraft Corp’s (HBC) parts and distribution organization, is now taking orders for the airbags.

Private Pilot Knowledge Quiz. Meanwhile, Jason Schappert has compiled on his blog 10 fairly easy questions that either come up or are easily forgotten by many student pilots. He also invites all quiz takers to share their results at the end of his post.

Pilot Podcasts. On a different note, Len (the blogger behind the Flying Pilot Podcast) has recently noted that the “enjoyable” Pilotcast and the Fly With Me podcasts are starting again and suggests that pilots give both a listen. 

Taildragger Spin Lesson. And finally, Alex Hammer mentions on his Aviation Blog that he has recently had taildragger spin lesson but he hasn’t had the nerve to do one himself the next time he flies. Nevertheless and in case you are wondering what a spin looks like (Alex also does a good job of describing one in words), he has posted the following spin video from YouTube (and yes, I can understand why he does not have the nerve to do one himself!):

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