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FAA Bans Takeoffs with Polished Frost. Meanwhile, the USA’s FAA has issued new rules effective January 30, 2010 that bans aircraft of several classes from taking off with “polished frost” (frost buffed in order to make it smooth) on the wings, stabilizers and control surfaces. The rules are in addition to the rules that already prohibit major and regional carriers from operating with polished frost.

Aircraft Engine Starting Techniques. If you are confused about aircraft engine starting techniques, Paul answered a query on the Ask a CFI blog from a reader whose friend used a technique to start a Mooney’s engine that had left him a little confused about starting techniques. However the question seems to have led to more questions rather than answers and he invites further comments.

Procedures for a Hot Engine Start. On a similar note, Paul McBride recently answered a question on General Aviation News from a reader about procedures for a “hot engine” start. However, Paul begins by saying that such a question leads to more questions about specific situations before he can provide an answer. Nevertheless, he does provide an answer to get his reader “started.”

Strategies for Better Glass Cockpit Flying. Meanwhile, Max Trescott recently attended the AOPA Aviation Summit 2009 and did an interview where he discussed strategies for better glass cockpit flying (the video may be viewed on his blog). In the interview, Max discusses why a pilot should consider learning how to fly a glass cockpit equipped aircraft, training strategies, ways to maximize proficiency between flights and transition training.

Learning About Life from From Flying. And finally, Arty Trost, a female ultra light pilot who flies cross-country, has recently written an inspiration post on Let’s Go Flying about her early experiences flying and what to do when naysayers tell you that flying is dangerous. After 20 years of flying, she states that she realizes”: “how much I’ve learned – not just about flying itself, but about taking on new challenges, making risk acceptable, and pushing away the fears and anxieties which hold us back from what we’d really like to do.”

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