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Unforgettable: My Best 10 Flights. Lane Wallace, a monthly columnist with Flying Magazine who has flown hundreds of interesting flights, has written a book entitled “Unforgettable: My Best 10 Flights” which was recently given a glowing review by Max Trescott. Flights include such diverse locales as Key West, the Swiss Alps and Baja California and hence, the book makes for a wonderful Christmas present for a pilot – especially a female pilot. The 160-page soft cover book is exclusively available from Sporty’s for US$24.95.

2010 Calendars. In addition, the Flight Global blog has noted several aviation calendars for 2010 although it was noted that some of the calendars have “barely an aircraft in the foreground.” Hence, they suggest the Flightglobal Calendar made up of some of the best images from their own AirSpace users.

Aircraft Inspection and Repair: Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practice. On a different note, General Aviation News has noted the publishing of Aircraft Inspection and Repair: Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practice. The book was written by FAA officials and includes “detailed information on structural inspection, protection, and repair, including aircraft systems, hardware, fuel and engines and electrical systems.” The book will go on sale on January 1 for US$24.95.

Hellcat verses Zero Videos. Meanwhile, last Monday was the 68th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and Jon Ostrower has posted several Hellcat verses Zero dogfight videos on Flight Blogger. The videos explore the development and deployment of the US Navy Hellcat along with the Pacific battles the aircraft took part in.

World Flight Planner Review. And if you are looking for a flight planning software, Blake has posted a detailed review of World Flight Planner on his Fly With Blake blog. The website will allow you to create flight plans online that can also be accessed from your mobile device.

Solar Powered Aircraft. And finally, The Wings Stayed On blog has come across an interesting project: the Solar Impulse. The Solar Impulse is a solar powered aircraft that will soon take part in an around the world flight and it has been designed to fly both during the day and at night without any fuel. Hence and given the high cost of aviation fuel, let’s hope this experiment eventually leads to practical applications for the general aviation industry.


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  1. Patrick Flannigan December 13, 2009 at 17:36 #

    Great rundown John. "Unforgettable" is very high on my to-read list. Maybe I'll hit that one next.

  2. John December 14, 2009 at 02:44 #

    I am always looking for great books on aviation to read.

    I got hooked early on when I read Ernest K. Gann's book "Fate of the Hunter". As my aviation career continued I looked for books about aviation to read while waiting in pilot lounges around the country.

    Ah, the good old days.

    JetAviator7 (John)

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