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The British Public Takes Aim at “Nuisance Sky-diving.” The Independent has reported that the growing popularity of skydiving in Britain has given rise to new protest movement among residents who are enraged by the sound of circling aircraft. One resident in an area frequented by skydivers was quoted as saying that the aircraft are breaking maximum UK noise levels with the noise reaching 100 decibels. He also described it as “a hellish droning sound which causes vibrations inside houses as well.” Resident groups in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Cumbria are among those campaigning against the noise caused by skydiving.

The Rewarding Job of Ferrying Aircraft Around the World. On an interesting note, AVweb has a podcast interview with Steven Giordano who enjoys flying for a national airline as his day job, but now he and a fellow pilot spend their free time ferrying commercial aircraft around the world as Jet Test and Transport.

OddBall Pilot Blog - Unloading a Sno-Go from an Everts DC-6, AlaskaStruggling to Find Meaning in Bush Pilot Work. On another interesting note, the Alaska Dispatch has brought our attention to a post on the Oddball Pilot blog by Aidan Loehr which describes him coming back from Nepal and looking for a real "working" job. He thinks he has found it up in Alaska as a bush pilot.

Sport Pilot to Celebrate His 100th Birthday With a Flight. Its never too late to fly as General Aviation News has reported that Guy Reynolds was scheduled to celebrate his 100th birthday yesterday by taking a flight in a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA), but that is nothing unusual because he already flies his Evektor Sportstar about 100 hours every year. Guy was inspired to fly when he witnessed the Navy’s USS Shenandoah airship in 1923 which was followed by a first flight in a Ford Tri-Motor in 1928. He then started flying in the early 1940s, got his pilot’s license in 1945 Guy Reynolds in his Evektor Sportstar but stopped flying in 1952 due to other responsibilities. Guy finally returned to the skies in 2005 with the advent of Light-Sport Aircraft.

Flying Eyes Review. If you are looking for a new pair of aviator glasses, has a review of a pair created by Flying Eyes which are made specifically for pilots to avoid the problems of the temple bar of the sunglasses breaking the seal of ANR headset and the pain associated with that bar.

How to Start a Flying Club. Meanwhile, the AOPA’s Center to Advance the Pilot Community (CAPComm) held the first of a planned monthly series of webinars last month which covered what people need to start their own flying club. A recording of the 90-minute webinar is available here.

Wayward Pelicans Head Home Via an Airplane. It was reported some weeks ago that a pair of exhausted and bruised pelicans that were blown from Florida all the way up to Rhode Island by Hurricane Sandy won’t have to fly all the way back home. After recuperating at the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island, local residents raised enough funds to fly the pelicans back to Daytona Beach aboard a private aircraft. Otherwise the birds would have needed to be in a pressurized and heated part of a commercial aircraft where their cages would have been too big.

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