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The Entourage eDGe™ Approach Plate Reader. John Ewing has noted on Aviation Mentor that the Entourage eDGe™, an approach plate reader, is on sale now for shipment in February. The eDGe  is 8.25 inches by 10.75 inches, weighs under 3 pounds and will have a retail price of US$490.

Fluorescent Dye Locates Fluid Leaks. Meanwhile, General Aviation News has noted that Spectronics Corp. has introduced Aero-Brite Universal Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye which will supposedly detect fuel leaks. After the dye circulates, a Spectroline high-intensity UV inspection lamp will show the exact location of every leak. Definitely a useful product.

Cessna Delivers the First Skycatcher. Recently, AeroTrader Insider has also noted that Cessna has delivered its first Model 162 Skycatcher Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and that they already have more than 1,000 orders.

The Air Mail Fleet. On an interesting note, General Aviation News has a long article about the air mail service in the United States. The service only lasted from 1918 until 1927 and during this time, the Post Office was the operator of the world’s largest commercial aircraft fleet. 

Destination $100 Hamburger: Beaune. On another interesting note, Denis Pariente has posted a trip report to Beaune. Although its written in French, the trip report includes a number of great pictures of the French countryside.

The Lady and the Tiger Comic Strip. Meanwhile, the Winged Victory Women in Aviation webzine has begun a new thrice-weekly comic strip (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) entitled The Lady and the Tiger. The purpose of the comic strip is to educate the general public about general aviation and to tell a few good stories. The comic strip will naturally feature a young female pilot who flies a Tiger Moth.

FAA Aviation News: The Human Element in Aviation. On an important safety related note, the latest issue of FAA Aviation News is well worth reading as it covers the important topic of the human element in aviation. Articles include the The Importance of the Human Element, Finding and Fighting Fatigue and Factoring in the Human in Avionics Certification.

Medications, Flying and Fitness. On a second safety related note, the latest US Forest Service Interagency Safety Bulletin covers the important topics of medications, flying and fitness. In other words and if you are sick, you may want to cancel your plans to fly.

Snowy UK. And finally Sylvia, the blogger behind the Fear of Landing blog, is currently stuck in Spain due to the snowy UK weather and she has recently posted ten webcam pictures of snowed-in UK airports from the warm comfort of her hotel room on a sunny beach. Some great wintery scenes and we can only hope that Sylvia will be able to return to the UK very soon!


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  1. Sylvia January 11, 2010 at 12:40 #

    Wow, busy week! And I love the look of the Tiger Moth comic, of course!

    (I'm in no rush, I'm quite comfortable, never fear ;))

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