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Airlines We Lost in 2012. The Cranky Flier blog has compiled a list of the airlines that were lost in 2012. The list included some familiar names to British travelers like Air Nigeria (as in Virgin Nigeria), Spanair, bmi British Midland and Air Zimbabwe.

Aviation Week 25 Most Influential Airlines of 2013. In addition, Aviation Week and Space Technology has come up with its 25 most influential airlines of 2013 and surprisingly, the first five airlines named were all US carriers followed by a Canadian carrier.

Predictions: Aviation Fuel in 2013. General Aviation News also has a lengthy article about fuel trends for last year plus GAfuels blogger Dean Billing, one of the USA’s foremost authorities on avgas and ethanol policies, gives a few predictions about what to expect in 2013.

Travel Writer Hitchhiking Around the US. General Aviation News has noted that Rochester, NY native Amber Nolan, who is a veteran travel writer, has started a journey around the US to answer the question: Is it possible to hitchhike around the US on private jets and small planes? She plans to visit all 50 states on a shoestring budget by hitching rides with private pilots. To follow here journey through a series of webcasts, radio interviews and on-line blogging, visit or In addition, a 13-week television series, “The Flying Gypsy” is in preproduction.

Restoring the World’s First Aircraft Factory. For history buffs, the AOPA has reported that progress is being made to save the first aircraft factory in the United States located in Dayton, Ohio, which had been used to build car parts by General Motors, Delco and Delphi from 1919 until 2008. Wilbur and Orville had formed the Wright Company in New York in 1909 and built the first factory building in 1910. Wilbur died in 1912 and Orville sold his holdings in 1915 while aircraft production ceased in 1916. The Dayton-Wright Airplane Company made aircraft parts in the facility from 1918 to 1919. However, it will take a few years before the Wright factory is returned to its early history and open to visitors.

Gliding With the Wright Brothers. In addition and when conditions are right on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, as they are during much of the “off-season” from September to May, $349 will buy five tethered rides downhill in a replica Wright glider and five hikes back up the dune. For more  information, check out a great travel article posted on General Aviation News or visit KityHawkHikes.


Flight Instructor Accused of Assaulting Student Pilots. Finally and if you thought your flight instructor was tough, AvWeb has reported that the former director of a flight school in New Zealand has been found guilty of assaulting two of his students. Apparently, he was accused of slapping one student and pushing his head into the side of the cockpit while another student accused him of elbowing her and raising his hand in a “threatening” manner. He has yet to be sentenced.

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