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Pilot My-Cast by Garmin. General Aviation News has noted that the Pilot my-Cast, an aviation weather, flight planning and flight filing application, is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application has five menu tabs that includes routes, flight plan, weather, airport information and settings with aviation data coming directly from providers such as the National Weather Service, Environment Canada and the FAA. Pilot my-Cast is available for a monthly fee of US$9.99 or an annual subscription of US$99.99.

Cessna Citation Mustang Video. Steve Tupper, the blogger behind the Airspeed blog, has edited and posted some video he shot of flying in a Citation Mustang. The video accompanies an audio episode, Flying the Cessna Citation Mustang, which includes a complete account of the flight.

Arrival into Sao Jose dos Campo Video. And speaking of videos, Jon Ostrower has posted a video on FlightBlogger of his jump seat arrival into Sao Jose dos Campos in Brazil during his September visit to Embraer.

Some Fun UK Airport Facts. On an interesting note, RDC Aviation puts out a monthly report on UK air traffic data (the last one covering January – October 2009) and The Cranky Flier blog has posted some fun facts from the report such as the fact that outside of the British Isles, Amsterdam is the number 1 destination; the #1 charter route from the UK is from London to Dalaman; and that Heathrow is the largest cargo airport while #2 is East Midlands.

Jumping Through the Sound Barrier. On another interesting note, the Lucky Aviation blog has noted that extreme sky diver Felix Baumgartner has announced his intention to jump through the sound barrier and he will need to use a balloon to get that high. Baumgartner is a well known base jumper and was the first person to fly across the English Channel with a carbon wing in 2003.

The Lonely Sky. For history buffs, General Aviation News has noted that “The Lonely Sky” has recently been reprinted. The book tells the story of Bill Bridgeman, who joined Douglas Aircraft as an engineering test pilot and who was asked to take over the final stages of the testing program for the Skyrocket, a javelin-shaped experimental rocket-powered ship. The book chronicles his day-by-day life with the plane.

Andreas Zeitler’s Aviation Photography. And finally, Sylvia has mentioned German aviation photographer Andreas Zeitler on her Fear of Landing blog. Zeitler runs a website dedicated to airshows in Europe and features his aviation photography from all around the world as well as trip reports from his visits to Japan, Israel, Beirut and the US. The website is well worth browsing by anyone interested in aviation photography. 

 Andreas Zeitler

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  1. Sylvia February 2, 2010 at 18:45 #

    Jumping through the sound barrier? That sounds awful! I guess he must be seriously covered up in protective equipment.

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