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Top Accidents and Stories in 2012. Silvia, the blogger behind the Fear of Landing blog, has compiled her top eleven posts for 2012, including a story we initially covered about the FAA investigating a sex diving incident…

$125k for a Delayed Rescue.  Over in the USA, Jacalyn Toth Brown, who survived a 2008 aircraft accident in Eagleswood Township, NJ, was awarded a $125,000 settlement by the state after she claimed State Police failed to initiate a search-and-rescue mission immediately, forcing her to wait several hours for medical care that made her injuries worst. Two people died in the crash, including Stephen Claussen who had trained Keiko the killer whale, the star of the movie "Free Willy."

Get Your Plane on Your Business Card. General aviation pilots can now have business cards with their airplane or any airplane of their choice printed on it thanks to Air Pix Aviation Photos. The Air Pix card is a real photo on photo paper with customizable customer supplied text and there is no set-up charges plus shipping is free to USA addresses. Moreover, General Aviation News readers receive a 5% discount on their first purchase if they put GAN in the subject line of an initial e-mail to [email protected] by February 6. For more information, visit

January Issue of the The Mooney Flyer. Mooney fans take note: The January issue of The Mooney Flyer, the official online magazine for the Mooney community, is now available. At 38 pages, the magazine is packed full of great Mooney flying tips.

General Aviation Air Show China in Zhuhai. Dan Johnson has posted a collection of photos from an airshow in China on his website and he noted four main forces that are driving the opening of aviation in China: 1) Chinese Airspace below 3,000 meters is opening to civilian aircraft; 2) There is high interest in flying following the airspace opening; 3) The government is concerned about the economy and aviation is seen as helpful; 4) Entrepreneurs are jockeying to take early advantage of the burgeoning market.

“High Flight” About U2 Flying is Set to Be Released. General Aviation News has reported that actor Gary Sinise and Sleeping Dog Productions, an aviation and historical documentary production company, are set to release “High Flight,” a documentary narrated by Sinise about his 2011 experience at Beale Air Force Base in California preparing for his flight in a U2 spy plane. The film covers Sinise’s training, the flight and daily life among those who dedicate their lives to keeping the U2 flying.

“The Flying Lesson” Trailer. Finally, has posted a trailer for the short film “The Flying Lesson” which features air-to-air stunt sequences involving a vintage WWII Tiger Moth bi-plane that were filmed by award-winning director Phil Hawkins. You can see more exclusive photos and videos from the film on its Facebook page.

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