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Life Cycle Cost 2010. General Aviation News has noted that Conklin & de Decker has released Life Cycle Cost 2010 Volume I – an aircraft budget and financial analysis tool that covers all aspects of owning and operating an aircraft into one software program. This includes aircraft acquisition costs, operating costs, taxes, final residual values and revenues (should you own an aircraft for commercial operations).

Strategy Guide for Airline Manager on Facebook. However and in case you are actually managing an airline business by playing an airline simulator game called Airline Manager on Facebook, the Bangalore Aviation blog has posted a thorough strategy guide for the game and there is even an Excel file which computes the ROI for various models of planes.

Roland Rohlfs - Photo from the American Legion Weekly, Aug

Six Miles High: Reaching New Heights. For history buffs, General Aviation News has posted an interesting article by Dennis Parks, the Curator Emeritus of Seattle’s Museum of Flight, about the early efforts to break altitude records. The article begins with a 1908 flight of Wilbur Wright who soared above balloons set at 30 meters high and ends with Roland Rohlfs who reached 34,610 feet in a Curtiss Wasp – a record that would stand until turbo-supercharged engines came into use.

Fighter World Museum – Australia. On another interesting note, David Cenciotti has posted a number of pictures from Fighter World – a museum of Australian military aviation which is located next to the entrance of the Wiliamtown airbase some 200 kilometers to the North of Sydney.

Man to Live in the Manchester Airport. And on what first sounds like an odd note, Airline Reporter has noted that Anthropologist Dr Damian O’Doherty will live in the Manchester Airport for a year – in the name of science. The government-funded research project will have him living in the airport for up to 18 hours per day observing how fliers use the airport in the hopes of making airports better for people who spend a significant amount of time in them.

Frankfurt am Main Navigation Application. And speaking of airports, Vincent has recently noted on Plastic Pilot that there is a new iPhone application called the Lufthansa Navigator to help passengers navigate around the labyrinth that is the Frankfurt am Main airport to find their check-in counter or their gate. And if you have not been to the Frankfurt am Main airport and are wondering why you practically need a GPS device to find your way around it, Vincent has also posted articles here, here, here and here about that topic!

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