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Wiki on How to Land an Airplane. Mike Collins of the AOPA Pilot Blog: Reporting Points has stumbled upon a wikiHow entitled How to Land an Airplane in an Emergency. The article has already been viewed over 90,000 times and a number of interesting comments are posted in the discussion section ranging from: “I’m always amazed at the amount of time people spend to put something as useless as this online… Actually it wasn’t useless, it really made me laugh…” to “Can we have a ‘How to park a cruise liner’ next please? Maybe a ‘How to Fire an ICBM’ might be handy too one day.” Our wikiHow suggestion: “How you get through a locked cockpit door.”

Learning to Fly. On a more USEFUL note, Julien of has posted a compilation of web links and resources that he feels helped him the most when he was learning to fly. Definitely worth a browse even by experienced pilots.

Mil Mi-12

Hotelicopter Turns Out to be a Hoax! On an amusing note, it turns out that the Hotelicopter mentioned in last week’s Best of the Web and also picked up by several other blogs, is in fact a hoax! According to Stephen Trimble (The DEW Line), the interior pictures were lifted from while the exterior pictures were based upon a double-decker Soviet built Mil V-12 Homer prototype. Hats-off to the pranksters behind this one! Perhaps they are just ahead of the times and one day, there really will be a “Hotelicopter.”

Concorde to Fly Again. And finally, another storey that we had hoped would not turn out to be just another April Fool’s Day prank. Jon Ostrower of FlightBlogger initially reported (with a disclaimer that the following day was April Fool’s Day) that the website of French Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace had posted a story that a Concorde had been restored to full flying condition and would take to the sky again during the upcoming Paris Airshow. Well, it turns out that the story was just another April Fools Day joke. To bad – especially for all those not lucky enough to have flown in one.


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