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Readers Poll About How You Like Your Airports. Vincent has recently posted an interesting poll on Plastic Pilot asking readers how they like their airports. The types of questions he is asking include: “How do you like your airports? Small, remote grass strips or large concrete runway with lot of jet traffic? With or without air traffic control? Or something in between?” Hence, we encourage all of our readers to take a few minutes to answer the poll questions.

Jet Fuel From Algae for US$2 a Gallon? On an interesting scientific note, General Aviation News has noted an interesting article that has recently appeared in the Guardian which claimed that the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), which helped to develop both the Internet and satellite navigation systems, is just months away from producing a jet fuel from algae for the same cost as fossil fuels. According to the article, Darpa is now on track to begin large-scale refining of that oil into jet fuel – at a cost of less than $3 a gallon – a true revolution if everything works out according to their predictions.

Alaska’s Bush Pilots: The Real Deal. Meanwhile, General Aviation News has noted that Jim Oltersdorf Film Productions has recently released “Alaska’s Bush Pilots: The Real Deal,” a documentary film that took two years to make and was filmed in the wilds of Alaska in high-definition. The film includes interviews with bush pilots who recall their experiences in the remote Alaskan wilderness along with plenty of shots of magnificent wilderness scenery and Alaskan wildlife. The DVD is available from for US$19.95 plus US$4.95 shipping/handling.

Its a plane thing Landing on Eagle Glacier. And speaking of Alaskan bush pilots, the Bush Pilot blog on the Alaskan Dispatch’s site has recently posted several posts about flying in Alaska that also include some awesome pictures of the magnificent Alaskan scenery. Posts worth checking out include: Finally flying the pass: Dillingham to Togiak, Preparing to fly the pass: Dillingham to Togiak and Landing on Eagle Glacier which is well worth checking out because it includes photographs by Dan Bailey – a professional adventure, action, and travel photographer.

Before Amelia. For aviation book lovers and for anyone interested in the history of women aviation pioneers, the Winged Victory: Women in Aviation Webzine has recently noted the book, Before Amelia, which is about some of the lesser known women in aviation. These women include Marie Madeleine Sopie Blanchard who became the first woman to lose her life while flying. Apparently, she was watching fireworks in her hydrogen balloon.

Private Pilot Beginner’s Manual (for Sport Pilots, too). Meanwhile, General Aviation News has noted that Ahquabi House Publishing has just released “Private Pilot Beginner’s Manual (for Sport Pilots, too).” The 320-page book offers information on how to prepare for private or sport pilot training and is available from for US$29.95 or can be downloaded for US$8.95.

Terrafugia’s Momentum Continues. And finally, General Aviation News has recently noted that the Terrfugia Transition “roadable aircraft” (which we have mentioned in a past post) is starting to take-off as the company now has more than 70 orders on the books. To place an order, Terrafugia just requires a US$10,000 deposit (which is held in an escrow account and is refundable minus a service fee) and the first deliveries expected to begin in late 2011.

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