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Going Flying with Dynon Avionics SkyView Avionics System. If you wish to be “wowed” by the latest in avionics technology, General Aviation News has noted Paul Hamilton’s new video for Dynon Avionics that shows off the amazing capabilities of their SkyView avionics system featuring synthetic vision. In the video, Paul takes viewers along for a flight during bright daylight (proving the screens are readable even in direct light) and into the dimming sun over mountainous terrain. Dynon’s SkyView setup costs about US$5,500 for a single 10-inch screen.

Navy Wings of Gold Published. For aviation and World War II history buffs, General Aviation News has noted that Navy Lieutenant Willard ‘Robbie’ Robinson has recently published a book of personal and untold stories of infamous World War II battles and encounters, including President George H.W. Bush’s miraculous survival story. In the book, Robinson reveals the only thing that prevented George H. W. Bush from being captured, executed and cannibalized.

Poll: What’s your favorite aviation blog? Meanwhile, Vincent of Plastic Pilot has posted a poll question asking readers what their favorite aviation blog is. So feel free to plug your favorite blog, your own blog or our blog for that matter.

Weather Camera Network Created. On a useful note, Airport View is expanding its network of weather cameras. Hence, the web site is now accepting weather camera submissions and anyone who owns a weather camera may submit it using a simple form on their website.

Where Pilot Certificates are Optional. On an interesting note, the California Flight School blog has noted a report in the Seattle Times about a pilot of a Turkish Airline who has been flying for them for over a decade – without a valid pilot certificate. Apparently, this pilot had more than 10,000 flight hours working for several airlines in Great Britain and central Europe. On the bright side though, he must have been a very good pilot to have been able to undergo constant recurrent training and tests.

R5Sons, Alaska. If you are a fan of Alaska and winter flying, Jill Tallman on the AOPA Pilot Blog has noted R5Sons, Alaska on RFD-TV. “R5Sons” follows the adventures of a family that owns and operates the Rainy Pass Lodge some 125 nm north of Anchorage and each episode offers a day-to-day look at life in the wilderness (See the Season 2 trailer here). And although Jill noted that the show is a little “padded,” she did point out that it has beautiful videography and of course, airplanes.

Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot’s Guide Released. On a different note, General Aviation News has noted that the latest edition of the Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot’s Guide has been released (Apparently, there are more small airports per square mile of land mass in the Bahamas and Caribbean than in any other region in the world). The Pilot’s Guide is available for US$56.95 and can be purchased through Sporty’s, Hangar63 at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, Volo Aviation at Fort Pierce Airport and at more than 90 other pilot shops.

Aviation Engine Ringtones. And for those of you who love to personalize your cell phones, the Winged Victory Women in Aviation Webzine has posted links to some fun ringtones, including a Stuka Dive Bomber, a Spitfire engine run-up, a Harrier vertical lift off ringtone and a Japanese Zero with its original engine.

Its a Boat AND a Plane. And finally, the Wings Stayed On blog has noted that the Russians have come up with some interesting but not always very practical (or practical looking) airplanes with one such aircraft being the Lun-class ekranoplan. As you can see from the photo below or from the numerous photos posted on a Russian blog site, practicality (like beauty) may only exist in the eye of the beholder!

Lun-class ekranoplan

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