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Jepp Approach Chart Readers Debut. General Aviation News has noted that SolidFX, LLC, the makers of the only digital readers for Jeppesen terminal charts, has introduced the FX8 and FX8-3G which are designed to be a chart reader, notepad, cockpit organizer, electronic briefcase and library. With their compact size of less than 8 by 6 inches and less than a half-inch thick, both devices can be held or mounted in nearly any aircraft. The FX8 and the FX8-3G are each priced at US$1,195 and are available directly from SolidFX.

WingX 3.6 Released. Meanwhile, Hilton Software LLC  has recently released WingX for iPhone Version 3.6 adding CSC DUATS RADAR, Moving Map Airspaces and Yelp Integration with the AOPA Directory. WingX for iPhone is now available from the Apple App Store while WingX for Windows Mobile and WingX for BlackBerry are available from Hilton Software LLC’s website.

Find-it Fast Books Go Digital. In addition, General Aviation News has noted that Find-it Fast Books has introduced a library of eBooks that include Preflight Weather Analysis Made Easy, The METAR & TAF Quick Reference Manual and NOTAM’s ILLustrated. The eBooks can be easily downloaded into laptop computers and handheld devices.

Avoid Surprises While Maneuvering Webinar. On a useful note, the FAA Safety Team will be hosting a live webinar entitled: “Keeping the Dirty Side Down — Avoiding Surprises While Maneuvering!” The 45 minute online webinar is intended to help pilots avoid maneuvering flight accidents by reviewing relevant aerodynamic concepts and stressing their practical applications. The webinar will occur on March 25 at 7 pm (Eastern time).

Waterless Aircraft Wash Product. In addition, General Aviation News has noted that Aero Cosmetics and have introduced their newest waterless aircraft wash product called the Wash Wax Mop. The mop is designed to increase safety by eliminating the need for ladders while the entire system contains three parts: an extendable handle or pole, a dual receptacle mop head and two replaceable micro fiber mop pads. More information about the product is available from

Sporty’s Offers Portable Oxygen System. Meanwhile, Sporty’s will now offer two sizes of Single Place Oxygen Systems. The Large Single Place Oxygen System holds 113 liters of oxygen, weighs 3 pounds, measures 12-1/2 inches by 3-1/4 inches and will provide oxygen for just under four hours with a cannula and one hour with a mask. On the other hand, the Small Single Place Oxygen System holds 42 liters of oxygen, weighs 2 pounds, measures 9-1/2 inches by 2-1/2 inches and will provide oxygen for just under two hours with a cannula and 30 minutes with a mask. The large system costs US$299 while the small system costs US$275.

The “Most Memorable” Aviation Records of 2009. And finally, General Aviation News has noted that the National Aeronautic Association (NAA), the official record keeper for United States aviation which tracks dozens of world and national record attempts which are then certified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) if they qualify as world records, as having certified 124 records. Of those, the following were identified as the “Most Memorable”: Speed Around the World, Eastbound: 370 mph; Greatest Payload: 176,450 pounds; Largest Freefall Formation: 181 persons; Highest Takeoff: 14,110 feet; Free Three Turnpoint Distance: 623 miles; Speed Over a Commercial Airline Route, Washington to Paris: 605 mph; and Speed Over a Triangular Course of 100 Kilometers: 31 mph. More details about each of these records is available in the General Aviation News article and more information is available on the NAA website.

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