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Wire Strike Safety Video. The Helicopter Association International (HAI) has released a new online aviation awareness video entitled “Surviving the Wires Environment.” According to the FAA, wire and obstruction strikes are the top operational cause for fatal accidents involving rotor aircraft and over the last decade, there has been an average of one aviation obstruction strike every five days in the US with nearly 30% of all collisions being fatal.

Jungle Flight Book Review. On a different note, General Aviation News has posted a book review of “Jungle Flight, Spiritual Adventures At The Ends Of The Earth” by Dane Skelton. The book is only 102 pages long but is packed full of vignettes from missionary pilots all over the world who work for the Jungle Aviation and Radio Service, also known as J.A.A.R.S., which provides Bible translation along with other technical and support services.

“The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual” 10th Edition Released. In addition, General Aviation News has noted that William C. Kershner, the son of legendary flight instructor William K. Kershner, has just released the 10th edition of the classic: “The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual.” The book provides a step-by-step course for student pilots working towards their Private or Sport Pilot certificate and is available for US$24.95 from

Sporty’s Videos Now Include MP3 Audio Files. On a similar note, General Aviation News has noted that Sporty’s has updated their Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check video programs to include MP3 audio files. Both programs have interactive menus allowing for quick navigation to specific points in the video which makes it easy to review information on a particular topic. Flight Review is available in DVD format or as a download for US$34.95 while Instrument Proficiency Check is available in DVD format or as a download for US$39.95.

AirNautic’s New Swiss-made Pilot’s Watch. Meanwhile, AirNautic has debuted the AN-24M, a Swiss-made pilot’s watch. The AN-24M features an ETA 6497 manual wound movement that has been customized for 24-hour operation with the movement wrapped in a 44mm steel case that has been hardened to approximately four times the hardness of standard 316 stainless steel. Prices start at US$999 and more information is available on

Aviation Centric Decor. On a different note, the Winged Victory Women in Aviation Webzine has noted a website that sells: “Airplane Vinyl Wall Art Decal, Girl Skywriter.” The art decal is perfect for the nursery or kids room of the future pilot in your family.

Virtual Aircraft Museum. Older aviation buffs may want to check out the Virtual Aircraft Museum, which includes information on literally hundreds of aircraft, aircraft manufacturers, cockpits, the basics of flight and much much more.

Glacier Landings Aren’t So Smooth. And finally, if you think glacier in the picture below is a smooth landing, think again. According to Matthew Keller on the Alaska Dispatch’s Bush Pilot blog, “it rattled the fillings out of my head when I landed” as many of those ribbons of ice are “deep enough that if a tire dropped into it you could hit a wing or have a prop strike.” Hence, the need for an Alpha Omega suspension system and 35″ bush wheels.


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  1. instrument proficien July 26, 2010 at 22:51 #

    That's crazy to me that you can land on a glacier. I guess the majority of glaciers aren't even moving that fast at all. Very impressive though. I don't think I'd ever do that though.

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