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Airguide Launches iPad Application. General Aviation News has noted that Airguide has launched an iPad application called Flight Guide iEFB-VFR which includes all airport and supplementary information available from other Flight Guide applications. The application can be ordered online from the Apple App Store with Flight Guide iEFB-VFR annual membership service for the lower 48 USA states available for US$9.95 per month; the Flight Guide iEFB-IFR Annual Membership Service fee for the lower 48 states available for US$14.95 per month; and the Flight Guide iEFB-PRO Annual Membership Service for the lower 48 states plus Alaska, Hawaii, and Caribbean Charts for US$19.95 per month.

flightdesk2-150x79 Sporty’s Introduces Deluxe Flight Desk. In addition, General Aviation News has noted that Sporty’s has introduced the Sporty’s Deluxe Flight Desk – a combination binder and kneeboard that also includes a three-divider file section to organize charts, flight plan forms and other documents. The flight desk also includes is a seven-ring binder for storing approach charts and note paper and is available for US$39.95 from their website.

Plastic Pilot Coffee Mug. And if you are also a reader of the Plastic Pilot blog and want to show your support for it, Vincent is offering a special Plastic Pilot coffee mug which is available for purchase from the Plastic Pilot Store. Also on offer are mouse pads and tee-shirts.

Aircraft Spruce Avionics Review Videos. Also, General Aviation News has noted that that Aircraft Spruce will be loading various avionics review videos onto its website and plenty of new videos will be frequently added to its site in the future.

CFI to CFI Newsletter. Meanwhile, the Ask A CFI blog has noted a brand new publication from AOPA’s ASF Foundation called “CFI to CFI.” The new quarterly flight instructor newsletter is filled with tips for flight instructors to use with students and articles that will aid in professional CFI development.

Aerial Videography Panel. And if you are interested in aerial videography, the Airspeed blog has produced a video where they gathered several noted experts on capturing images aloft to discuss equipment, mounting techniques, stabilization, editing, rendering, safety and much much more for an hour. For details, check out the Airspeed blog.

Accidents Down Last Year Due to Less Flying. On an interesting note, General Aviation News has noted that according to data released by the National Transportation Safety Board in the USA, General aviation accidents decreased in 2009 while on-demand operations had the lowest number of accidents and fatal accidents in the last 20 years. The reason: There was less flying last year.

Flying a Commercial Aircraft – Without a License. And finally on an odd note, Airline Blogger has recently noted an unusual story about a 41-year old pilot named Thomas Salme who was about to fly a Corendon Airlines Boeing 737 plane from Amsterdam’s Schipol to Ankara, Turkey with 101 passengers on board when someone finally figured out that the pilot did not have a license to fly. He was promptly apprehended. Apparently he had been flying for 13 years and a total of 10,000 unlicensed hours in the air with a forged license for companies in the UK, Belgium and Italy (However, we should note that he had an expired commercial pilot license for an airplane that was much smaller than a Boeing 737).

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