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New AIRMET Interface. However and if you are a USA based pilot looking for weather information, the AOPA Reporting Points blog has noted the new AIRMET graphical weather interface for pilots. Besides being extremely useful, the interface is also rather fun to play with.

Flight Guide eBook Launches. Also, General Aviation News has noted the launch of the Flight Guide eBook which displays airport diagrams, airspace graphics and relevant airport information on portable Sony or Kindle DX Readers. Further information is available on

Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course Updated. In addition, General Aviation News has also noted that Sporty’s Complete Instrument Rating Course has been updated and these updates have included new video and graphics plus takes into account the increased use of glass cockpits. The course is available on Sporty’s website in either DVD or Online formats for US$265.

New Garmin 430 iPhone Application Plus a Contest. Meanwhile, Max Trescott has announced the release of the Garmin 430 GPS Guide for the iPhone. In addition, there is also a contest in which readers can win a free application or US$50. To find out the details, just click here.

Flyingboat1 FAA Issues Volcanic Ash SAIB. Just as things are getting back to normal over the skies of Europe, General Aviation News has noted that the USA’s FAA has issued an Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) that advises owners of aircraft with turbine engines who operate where volcanic ash might be present. Given the recent and possible future eruptions in Iceland, the SAIB is definitely worth taking a look at – especially by UK based pilots.

Curtiss Flying Boat Sells for US$506,000. On an interesting note, General Aviation News has just reported that Bonhams has sold a 1917 Curtiss MF Seagull Flying Boat for US$506,000 at an auction held in Manhattan on April 13. The flying boat had an estimated value of US$300,000-$500,000 before being sold.

LSA Industry Update. On another interesting note, General Aviation News has quoted Dan Johnson, an LSA guru and president of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA), as saying that: “It was a bloodbath out there. It was extremely slow, not only 2009, but in 2010 — scary slow.” Johnson noted that in 2009, 234 LSA airplanes were registered, compared to 491 in 2008 for a drop of 42%.

IFR Pictures. Meanwhile, Brian of Brian’s Flying Blog has written about getting some good small plane IFR practice in Colorado plus he has posted some great shots of flying below, through, between and over the clouds.

Cross Country Solo. And finally, Sylvia, the blogger behind the Fear of Landing blog, is posting a series of posts (Part I: Granada, Part II: Almeria and Part III) about her first cross country flight in Spain which will certainly bring back memories from pilot readers no matter where they are based about their first cross country flight. Hence, her series of posts are well worth reading.

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