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SocialFlight: “More than a Database of Pilot Activities.” AVweb has a podcast interview with SocialFlight’s Jason Clemens whose new interactive social platform presents members with every single aviation-related event that might stimulate their interest. However and in the podcast, Jason talks about how his service and app is more than just a database of activities that would interest pilots.

A Confederate Helicopter. On a history note and as part of its commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, the National Air and Space Museum has posted drawings from its collection of a Civil War-era helicopter design. AVweb’s Mary Grady recently did a podcast interview with museum technician Tom Paone about the helicopter design.

Further Delays for the Terrafugia Transition? Roadable aircraft developer Terrafugia Transition has issued a carefully worded update to announce it may have to build a third prototype based on the testing it has done so far on its second flying machine. AVweb has commented that the most recent video of the second prototype shows significantly better handling characteristics than the first prototype, but it appears would-be driver/pilots will need to wait a little longer…

89-Year Old Alberta Veteran Still Flying. The AlaskaDispatch reported earlier in January that Gordon Jones of Alberta, Canada, has been flying for more than 70 years and was showing no signs of stopping even with his 90th birthday just weeks away. In 1941, Jones earned his Royal Canadian Air Force wings and was on the list to head overseas, but he was reassigned to Trenton, Ontario, to train as a flight instructor. You can read more about his life at Bomber Command Museum of Canada.

Alaska Retires its Last Grumman Goose Commercial Flying Boat Service. In Alaska, PenAir’s Grumman Goose recently got its final send off. The Goose, a World War II era relic famous for its buoyant hull that allows the aircraft to land on both land and water, had been providing service to rural Alaska communities without a runway for 35 years. However, the aircraft is not being grounded as it will join a second Goose to provide service to remote Alaska lodges in the Bristol Bay region.

FBO and Business Jet Interiors Shows set for Farnborough. On March 19 to 21, The Business Airport World Expo and the Business Jet Interiors World Expo are set to take place along side each other at Farnborough. More than 150 exhibitors are expected for the FBO show while the interiors show will feature up to 40 companies that specialize in executive interiors for aircraft and helicopters.

Air Boss to Become a Reality TV Star. Wayne Boggs, who was recently awarded the International Council of Air Shows’ prestigious Sword of Excellence, is getting ready for the 2013 air show season where he will also star in his own reality TV series that will be produced by the same people behind The Aviators. “Air Boss” will tell the stories of airshow performers and promises to reveal the “secrets of this exclusive world.” Filming will take place during the 2013 airshow season as events across the USA and will then the show will premier television and digitally worldwide in early 2014. For more information, visit

February Winter Flying Accidents. Finally and on a safety note, Richard Collins has written a detailed article for Air Facts analyzing some of the 52 accidents that occurred in February 2010 (as those reports have been finalized). He commented that February is usually a low month for accidents given its winter time and the economy was pretty lousy in early 2010. Nevertheless and if you plan to do any winter flying this month, you might want to read up on what Richard found.

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