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Aviation Dictionary App Now Available. General Aviation News has noted that ASA has just released an Aviation Dictionary App for the iPhone or iPad with more than 10,000 terms and nearly 500 illustrations based on the “Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms” by Dale Crane. The application is available from the iTunes App Store for US$9.99. For more information, just visit

Kindle Editions of ASA Titles Now Available. In addition, General Aviation News has noted that three new Kindle editions have been added to the growing library of eBooks from ASA. The latest releases include “Flying Carpet” by Greg Brown; “You Can Fly!” by Greg Brown, Laurel Lippert, and Tom Lippert; and “The Golden Years of Flying” by Captain Tex Searle. Each title is US$9.99 and available from the Kindle Store at For more information, visit

Hear Problems Before They Become Problems. Meanwhile, Spectronics Corp. has introduced the Spectroline Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool which converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sound. Hence, aviation technicians can hear leaks as well as check for electrical discharge due to deterioration. For more information, visit

New Handheld Radio from Sporty’s. In addition, General Aviation News has noted that Sporty’s has a new hand-held radio, the SP-400, has a host of new features such as a full ILS display, VOR navigation, side tone, NOAA weather and an oversized screen and keypad. The SP-400 is available for US$399 from

Sun Glasses with Extreme Glare Technology. And for pilots with poor vision, Dave Sclair has recently written about finding a pair of eye glasses equipped with Extreme Glare Technology and he noted: “The rose keeps colors in proper perspective and brightens things on those partially overcast days in the Northwest….My view without the sun glare provides crisp clarity and excellent definition. These things work great, whether flying above clouds, driving on a sunny day, skiing or doing anything else where there is a lot of brightness.” For more information visit or

Dented Plane Mystery. On an odd note, the Modesto Bee in California recently reported an odd story about a pilot who could not figure out why his plane was dented, a Hertz employee who could not figure out why his car was dented and airport staff who could not figure out what had happened to their airport fence. You can read more about the “mystery” in the Modesto Bee.

Sports Hub Launches with Air Sports Channel. On a different note, SportAccord has launched The Sports Hub, a new multi-sports video channel on YouTube. The Air Sports Channel will focus exclusively on Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) events. You can access the Air Sports Channel via or from the The Sports Hub homepage on YouTube.

Reader’s Poll: What Was Your Scariest In-Flight Moment? And finally, Vincent, the blogger behind the Plastic Pilot blog, has shared a personal story about icing, turbulence and autopilot disconnection in a cold front which he revealed as the most stressful and scary situation in flight that he has experienced. Hence, his poll for this month consists of the question: “What was the in-flight even that scared or stressed you the most?” Feel free to share your experience both on his and our site.


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