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FAA Mandates Inspections for Older Piper Aircraft. If you own or fly a Piper, the FAA in the USA is mandating enhanced inspections and repairs where necessary to cables that control tail surfaces on about 30,000 Piper aircraft. According to the Wall Street Journal, the move was prompted by at least one accident and a serious incident stemming from malfunctioning flight-control systems. For that reason, aircraft 15 years or older should be checked for damaged or corroded cables during their next annual inspection.

Try Flight Guide iEFB for a 30 Day Free Trial. If you can’t decide on an appropriate flight planning and navigation app, Airguide Publications is making their Flight Guide iEFB IFR/VFR Plus available for free for 30 days. Jus download the app from the Apple App Store to your iPad, create a user account and begin a 30-day free trial.

February Mooney Flyer Now Available. Mooney fans take note, the February issue of The Mooney Flyer is available now as a downloadable PDF.

Podcast: The New EASA Rules. The European Aviation Safety Agency came under fire in 2011 for a proposed rule to require all resident pilots to have EASA licenses. And while the new rules take effect in April of 2014, key elements have been changed to make it much easier for pilots with N-registered aircraft and those flying on FAA certificates. To learn more about the new rules, AVweb has a podcast interview with Emmanuel Davidson of AOPA France who discuses the changes in some detail.

Wash Your Aircraft Without Water. If you want to wash your aircraft without the need of water or a ladder, Brian Phillips, the founder of Aero Cosmetics, has invented the Wash Wax Mop which includes an extendable handle or pole, a dual receptacle mop head and two replaceable micro fiber mop pads. The standard mop pole can reach 3 feet to 6 feet while longer reach versions can extend cleaning as far as 12 feet. For more information, visit

Pilot Shot During a New Year’s Flight. A romantic flight over Jacksonville, Florida, on New Year’s Eve ended dramatically with pilot Graham Hill realizing he had been shot in the head. Graham was forced to give the controls to his girlfriend while he tended to his wound and they had to make an emergency landing. According to local television station KSDK, police had responded to 259 reports of gunfire on New Year’s Eve and Graham has since put together a YouTube video to tell of his ordeal and to warn other pilots.

Helicopter Sent to Rescue Another Helicopter and Two Stranded Eskimos. The AOPA Pilot blog has recently reported that a helicopter sent to rescue two Nunavut hunters stranded on ice located on the west shore of Hudson Bay ended up sinking after it landed on the ice. The hunters ended up rescuing the pilot and all three ended up being rescued by a second helicopter according to MSN News Canada.

Emergency Landing Due to Carb Ice Caught on Video. Finally, the AOPA Pilot blog has also brought our attention to a video shot by a passenger of a Cessna 175 that was forced to make an emergency landing in a field in Cache County, Utah, due to carb ice. All five walked away from the aircraft unscathed according to another segment posted on KUTV-TV

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