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Cirrus Introduces Retractable Gear Sim. General Aviation News has reported that Cirrus has unveiled a new option for their SR20 and SR22 aircraft used in a training environment – a means to simulate the use of retractable landing gear. Instructor pilots will now be able to simulate landing gear system failures such as “right gear unsafe” as well as learn appropriate procedures to solve or troubleshoot problems while actually flying an aircraft. For further information, see

VirtualHUD’s Introduces the New Wingman Portable EFIS. Meanwhile, the Winged Victory Women in Aviation Webzine has noted VirtualHUD’s new Wingman Portable EFIS. According to the webzine, it’s “not just a low-cost, reliable, fully-portable, battery-powered EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) that’s capable of interfacing with your GPS to display your own HITS (Highway in the Sky) in standard symbology.” The Wingman will be available at the AirVenture Oshkosh 2010 and pricing is US$1595 with an early-order discount of US$100.

New Anti-Bird Strike Technology. On another technology note, it was recently reported that Oregon based Precise Flight which has developed a pulsating-light technology that was originally designed to enhance aviation visibility, could be used as a viable onboard bird-strike deterrent. It was noted that the pulsating light technology was attached to a large model airplane that was flown into a pen of captive geese and the geese noticeably reacted with squawks and defensive behavior.

So You Think You’d Like to Buy an Airplane Book Review. On a different note, General Aviation News has posted a review by Dave Sclair of Gerald F. McMahon Jr’s new book: “So you Think You’d Like to Buy an Airplane … and fly off to Adventure.” The book chronicles the authors efforts to buy a Cessna 150 and fulfill a lifelong flight ambition to fly around the world which was ultimately downgraded to just flying around the US – until he had a complete engine failure and had to make an emergency landing. The book is available online at or

Final Flight Book. In addition, General Aviation News has noted the coming release of “Final Flight: The Mystery of a WWII Plane Crash and the Frozen Airmen in the High Sierra.” The book tells the true-life mystery uncovered in 2005 when two mountaineers climbing in the High Sierra found the mummified remains of a uniformed World War II US airman frozen in the ice. The book is slated to be published in September by Wilderness Press.

US TV Premiere: “Air Racer: Chasing the Dream." For fans of Air Racing, a new feature documentary "Air Racer: Chasing the Dream" follows an inventor and race pilot along with his wife Patricia over a six-year journey to create the Nemesis NXT – the world’s most advanced racing airplane. "Air Racer: Chasing the Dream" will premiere on The Documentary Channel on Monday, July 12, 2010.

Chicken Wings Comic Series. On a humorous note, “Chicken Wings,” the comic series for pilots and aviation buffs centered around a bunch of chickens who work for a small aviation company, has just launched its new website called The Chicken Wings comic strips and cartoons are already published in aviation magazines around the world in nine different languages plus the brothers behind the site have already published three books.

Flying Across America. And finally, Jason and Vincent are almost finished with their Flying Across America project having arrived in California this week. The pair have had to deal with thunderstorms that caused them to divert 40 miles off course along with winds and hot temperatures. However and from the video they have posted of the Baton Rouge to Houston leg of the trip, we can only say that it looks like the pair have had plenty of fun on their trip!

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