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Aviation Fuel Prices and Charts Added to Pilot My-Cast. Aerotrader Insider has noted that Digital Cyclone, a subsidiary of Garmin, has announced upgrades to their Pilot My-Cast by Garmin application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The new features include fuel pricing and approach charts.

Cessna Introduces iFlite. In addition, General Aviation News has noted that iFlite data applications for the new Apple iPad are now available for all Cessna single-engine aircraft. The cost of the iPad iFlite is US$149 with a US$99 annual subscription plus an additional US$39 to add the Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) with a valid copy of the paper POH manual. For more information, visit

Increasing Prop Visibility. General Aviation News has also noted that Hartzell Propeller Inc. now has a distributorship agreement with Defense Holdings, Inc., to use DHi’s AfterGlo Brand Photoluminescent Aviation Safety Paint on Hartzell’s line of aircraft propellers. The AfterGlo paint is used to place safety markings on aircraft propellers to improve their visibility in low-light situations. For more information, visit

How to Enjoy a Layover at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. On a different note and should you be on a long layover in Amsterdam soon, the Planegrazy blog has a post that gives you two options: 1) Enjoy one of Europe’s most modern airports, or 2) Venture out a for a quick tour of Amsterdam.

On the Vodka Express. Meanwhile, airline pilot Alan Cockrell has wrote a humorous post on his blog about being back on the “vodka express” – in other words, the route to Moscow. Alan wrote about the heat and the fires, why he won’t open a fine Russian cuisine restaurant in Alabama and the usual Byzantine Russian departure procedures.

Aeroflot After the Fall. And speaking of Russia, Jon Ostrower has posted clips from a 1995 documentary that took a deep look the Russian airline industry during its transition from an arm of the communist government to more than 400 airlines competing amongst a loose confederation carriers. The documentary includes amazing anecdotes by pilots, passengers and crews along with plenty of tales of hairy landings on Russian jetliners.

Summer Flying Dilemma. Meanwhile and in Canada, David Megginson has written a post for his Land and Hold Short blog about flying on a typical VFR summer day in southern Canada or the northern USA. He noted that these days are “the kind that the weather(wo)men call “a mixture of sun and cloud” with a decent amount of humidity — swirling columns of heated air, called thermals, start rising in the morning, and get higher and higher into the late afternoon as the sun warms the ground.”

Flying Car Updates. General Aviation News has posted an update about various flying vehicles. These include the Caravellair, a three-wheel motorcycle adaptation that is expected to sell for about US$50,000 (however, the company needs further investment to finish its development); the better-funded Terrafugia, which has been under the media spotlights for some time; and the Maverick, a dune-buggie-esque configuration that is reportedly on the verge of winning SLSA approval (and is likely to be the first of these projects to win an airworthiness certificate). In other words, you may soon be driving a vehicle that can also fly.


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