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Enflight Flight Planning Software. Max Trescott has recently written about the latest Enflight Flight Planning Software on his blog which he encountered at AirVenture in Oshkosh. In addition to providing a sectional map presentation showing your route of flight, the software  also provides Forecast (TAF) information to indicate how conditions compare with your personal minimums during a 24 hour forecast period. Enflight sells for US$199.95 per year with a monthly pricing plan and a 30-day free trial. For further information, visit

True Flight Aerial Imagery Mapping. Meanwhile, True Flight has recently announced that they have incorporated high-resolution aerial imagery mapping for the contiguous 48 USA states into its line of portable Flight Cheetah multi-function GPS displays. The aerial imagery mapping option is available for US$179 and the mapping option will also run on any Flight Cheetah GPS display as well as TrueMap software that runs on any Windows XP/7 platform. For more information, visit

UV Lamp Kit Detects Leaks. In addition, General Aviation News has mentioned the Spectroline MLK- 35 MAXIMA kit which features the MAXIMA ultraviolet lamp to detect fluid leaks. The MAXIMA can also be used in direct sunlight on the airport tarmac. For more information, visit

Zenair Introduces New Fast Built Float Kits. General Aviation News has also noted that Zenair is now offering a pre-drilled fast built kit for 1150 and 1450 lbs. floats. The new pre-drilled fast built float kits are 100% factory assembled at Zenair and then disassembled for shipping. For more information, visit

Latest FAA Safety Briefing. Meanwhile, the latest issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on proficiency and its importance for pilots and aviation maintenance technicians alike. In the issue, pilots will also find tips about how to develop a personal improvement plan, suggestions about how to get back to flying after a long absence and much much more.

EAA AirVenture Museum Earns Accreditation from the American Association of Museums. For fans of aviation museums, it should be noted that the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, has earned reaccreditation from the American Association of Museums. The EAA facility was actually the first aviation museum in the USA to earn accreditation in 1988, and its one of fewer than 10 aviation museums in the country to hold the rating. For more information, visit

Poll: RedBull Air Race – Genius or Stupidity? Meanwhile, Vincent is conducting a poll on his Plastic Pilot blog asking readers whether they think that Redbull Air Racing is good for aviation’s image or completely “insane” and bad for aviation’s image. Already, the question has attracted a number of comments about the races – most of them positive.

Flying Car Production Update. And if you are waiting to buy a “flying car,” General Aviation News has reported that Terrafugia, Inc., developer of the Transition Roadable Aircraft, is now setting up for low-volume production in their 19,000-square-foot facility in Woburn, Massachusetts. According to company officials, low volume production could begin as early as late 2011.

Never to Old to Fly. And finally, General Aviation News has recently noted two interesting stories that prove you are never to old to fly. Korean War Veteran Gerry Nadeau recently celebrated his 78th birthday by taking his first flight lesson at the Ormond Beach Municipal Airport in Florida while Arnold Ebneter, 82, recently broke a 24-year-old distance record for small planes after he flew non-stop for 18 hours, 25 minutes in a plane he designed and built himself. His flight also set a distance record for airplanes weighing less than 500 kilograms. You can read more about Arnold’s adventures here.


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