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Microsoft Flight Simulator Syndrome. “MEMpilot” has posted an interesting entry on noting that he is seeing an increase in the number of students who are following a certain pattern that he refers to as ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator Syndrome.’ According to him, this syndrome “manifests itself in over controlling, instrument fixation, and general intolerance for stick and rudder” and that he becomes “ill when I sense a death grip on a Cessna 152; an aircraft easily flown with a minimum of two index fingers.” Its an interesting observation that has already received a variety of responses from others who have observed the same phenomena and either attribute it to the simulator or to other reasons.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Airworthy Spitfire Sold. Revisiting an earlier post, the airworthy World War II Vickers-Supermarine MkIX Spitfire put up for auction at Bonhams has sold – for a whopping £1.739,500. The buyer was British financier and polar adventurer, Steven Brooks, who recently became the first person to fly from pole to pole by helicopter. The plane itself had been discovered in a Cape Town scrap yard and was painstakingly restored to full airworthiness.

You Landed Where? On a lighter note, CNN recently aired a segment that would best be titled, “You landed where?” Video clips include planes landing on highways, on sporting fields and in a pasture where an unfortunate cow was clipped but left uninjured (“I have to say it is the first cow I have ever hit in 22 years of flying!”). The segment could definitely be used as a worst case emergency landing instructional training video!

Emergency Landing on a City Street Video. And finally, an emergency landing video taken by a passenger who is also a professional video photographer has gone viral on Youtube. Apparently, the engine stopped working three times in mid flight and the pilot, a professional flight instructor, was forced to choose between an emergency landing on a lake or an emergency landing on what is usually a busy city street in Winterhaven, Florida. He choose the street and parked the plane by a closed furniture store (there were no injuries or serious damage to the aircraft). Apparently, the joke now around the airport where the flight instructor works is: “If you don’t like the way he flies, stay off the road!”

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