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Sennheiser HME 95 Headset. General Aviation News has noted that the Sennheiser HME 95, a new general aviation headset, is now available at Aircraft Spruce. The headset comes with a carrying bag, a cable clip, two wind and pop screens, audio-in cable and a cell phone adapter cable plus there is an audio-input facility for external audio sources such as mobile phones and MP3-Players. The headset is priced at US$245 and for more information, visit

Polyfix Plastic Repair Kits. General Aviation news has also noted that Polyfix Plastic Repair Kits are now available at Aircraft Spruce. The kits may be used on speed fairings, wing tips, cowlings, glare shields and other aircraft parts and they include the Polyfix industrial chemical, polydust, gloves, finger cots, fiberglass mat, protection hand cream, no mixing tools and an easy to follow instruction manual. For further information, visit

BrightLine Flight Bags for Pilots. Meanwhile, Max Trescott has posted a glowing review of the BrightLine flight bag. He also noted that company President Ross Bishop designed the BrightLine flight bag for pilots and has a made a great video demonstrating its capabilities.

Green Aviation Summit. On a green aviation note, NASA’s Ames Research Center recently hosted a Green Aviation Summit to discuss environmentally responsible solutions for the problems facing aviation in general. For more information about NASA’s green aviation initiatives, simply visit

Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Aviation history buffs may want to check out a recent post by David Parker Brown on his AirlineReporter blog about his recent visit to Seattle’s Museum of Flight. His post included plenty of pictures and web links that are also worth taking a look at.

Frecce Tricolori’s 50th Anniversary Airshow. Airshow fans may want to check out a recent post by David Cenciotti about his visit the the Frecce Tricolori’s 50th Anniversary airshow. His post included plenty of great videos and photographs from the show.

Shoreham Airshow 2010 Glider Crash. And finally, Sylvia has posted on her Fear of Landing blog a video of the recent incident at the Shoreham Airshow when glider pilot Mike Newman crashed a glider in front of an audience of 15,000 spectators while attempting to make a landing.

However and as you can see from this second video, he was able to crawl out of the wreckage of his high performance Swift S-1 aircraft with three broken vertebrae but luckily he is expected to make a full recovery.

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