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Sporty’s E6B iPhone App. Sporty’s E6B iPhone App is now available for more mobile devices and it includes all of the features of Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer. However and unlike Sporty’s traditional Electronic E6B Flight Computer, the App is not approved for use on FAA tests. The App is available for US$9.99 in the iTunes App Store and for US$4.99 in the Android Market (the Electronic E6B Flight Computer is available for US$69.95). For more information, visit

New Prop for Cessna 180, 185, 205 & 210. Hartzell Propeller Inc. has developed a new 3-bladed Top Prop performance conversion for the Cessna 180 and 185 aircraft along with early 210 and 205 aircraft. The basic kit is being offered at an introductory retail price of US$9,400 (with a three-year/1,000-hour warranty and six-year/2,400-hour TBO). For further information, visit

Cessna Delivers 2,000th Caravan. Meanwhile, Cessna has recently delivered its 2,000th Caravan turboprop with this one going to Air St. Kitts-Nevis to be used as part of the carrier’s DHL courier operation in the Caribbean. This is also the 25th anniversary year of Caravan production as well.

New Swift Fuel Record. On a green aviation note, General Aviation News has reported that Richard “Smokey” Young has set a preliminary 100-kilometer closed course speed record in an aircraft fueled by an unleaded, high-octane biofuel developed by Swift Enterprises. The aircraft was a piston-engine aircraft weighting between 660 and 1,320 pounds and it was noted that SwiftFuel demonstrated more energy per gallon than 100 low-lead (100LL) fuel. For more information, visit

Biofuels for Aviation Update. In addition, a September 17 article in Aviation Week provided a good summary of all of the recent developments in biofuels and noted that biofuels could be cleared for aircraft use later this year.

Safety Implications of Biofuels in Aviation. On another green aviation note, a recently-released study from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) entitled “Safety Implications of Biofuels in Aviation,” detailed a multi-year study of the effects of ethanol on aircraft. The study strongly warned against the use of ethanol in Mogas and predicted if ethanol-free Mogas become unavailable at airports, lead emissions in Germany alone would increase from 12 metric tons today to 18 tons per year.

The History of the Cherokee. On a historical note, General Aviation News has a short article detailing the history of the Piper Cherokee that is well worth reading by both Cherokee owners or fans of the aircraft.

Aerocar Still Flying. And finally on another historical note, the AOPA Reporting Points blog has noted a recent video put together by the current owners of Molt Taylor’s Aerocar who pointed out that they are keeping the roadable aircraft in flying condition. In fact, they took the aircraft up for a spin as recently as a few weeks ago.

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