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Flight Guide’s iEFB App. General Aviation News has noted that Airguide Publications has introduced the Flight Guide iEFB iPad App. It was pointed out that the sectional charts have great resolution and include everything the print version does while Airguide’s Brenda Garcia had also mentioned a few soon-to-be-released features that include a “moving map, seamless charts, flight planner and weather.” The Flight Guide iEFB app has three subscription plans: VFR for US$9.99 per month, IFR for US$14.99 per month and PRO for US$19.99 per month.

Sporty’s New International Charts. In addition to Sporty’s full selection of Canadian and Caribbean charts, their aviation chart offerings now covers Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. For more information, visit

Bose X Headset Review. Meanwhile, Chris Findley from has written a review of the Bose X headset for the Ask a CFI website. He noted that on the pro side, the headset is quiet, lightweight, reduces head and neck fatigue and is very comfortable to wear. On the con side, the headset is not as quiet as one might think and he pointed out another concern with the ear cushions separating from the headset – which is also a very expensive investment. 

Multisump Aviation Fuel Tester. General Aviation News has also noted the debut of the Multisump Aviation Fuel Tester.  The tester is constructed from stainless steel and uses a fuel resistant plastic which includes a specially designed, no-drip, no-dribble pour spout for mess-free emptying. The tester is priced at US$24.95 and is available from

Takeoffs & Landings Webinar. On a safety note, the AOPA Air Safety Institute will host a free webinar entitled “Takeoffs & Landings: The Expert Approach.” The webinar will include an in-depth discussion of the “art and science of takeoffs and landings.” The first showing is on Tuesday, October 12, at noon Eastern time and 7 pm Eastern time; followed by October 18 at 2 pm and 9 pm Central time; and then October 28 at 1 pm and 8 pm Pacific time. For more information, visit

Autumn Leaf-Peeping Excursion. On a different note, Sam, the blogger behind the Blogging at FL250 blog, has written a trip report about renting a N738FZ for a “leaf-peeping excursion” to Duluth and up Lake Superior’s North Shore. His trip report includes some great aerial photographs of autumn foliage.

The World’s First Flapless Aircraft. On an innovation note, Sulako’s Blog has posted a video of the British designed Demon UAV which recently flew in the UK. And if you are wondering why this UK UAV is worth mentioning, Sulako noted:

Well, it has no moveable control surfaces. That’s right, no flaps, ailerons, elevators or spoilers. Just a wing, an engine and some holes.

Widow Sues Everyone for an Emergency Beach Landing. And finally, there was recently an odd story in Court House News about the widow of a jogger who was killed by an experimental aircraft when it was forced to make an emergency landing on a Hilton Head beach. She has sued the pilot along with Teledyne Continental Motors, Hartzell Propeller, Lancair International and Penn Yan Aero Service. Apparently, her jogger husband was listening to his iPod (although Apple is NOT being sued) while running on the beach and he couldn’t hear the aircraft as it made an emergency landing.  You can read more about this unusual story in Court House News.

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