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Free Flight Simulator Application.  Fly Away Simulation has just released a free flight simulator app featuring live flight simulator topics that are delivered to a user’s mobile device. This enables users to keep up-to-date with the latest flight simulator topics while on the go. The application can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes here and for further information, visit

Jeppesen Introduces the eChart Viewer. General Aviation News has also noted that Jeppesen has introduced the Jeppesen eChart Viewer, a new digital charting solution for the business aviation community. The viewer is designed to ease the transition from paper to digital flight information on the flight deck. For more information, visit

Jeppesen Debuts an iPad App for Avidyne Customers. In addition, Jeppesen now has a new iPad application, the Jeppesen Mobile TC, for customers of Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9 and Entegra Multi-function Displays (MFD). The application allows general aviation pilots to receive information from their standard Airway Manual and VFR Manual in a new easy-to-use electronic format. For more information, visit or

ForeFlight Launches a New Subscription Pricing Plan. Meanwhile, ForeFlight has introduced new individual and group pricing plans for their flagship pilot application – ForeFlight HD. These new pricing plans include a lineup of plans for large customers who need subscriptions for five to 100 users plus an option for adding a backup device. For more information, visit

Fun New Sweatshirts From Sporty’s. Sporty’s has also introduced two fun new general aviation sweatshirts: The Airport Bum Sweatshirt and FAA Mission Statement Sweatshirt. The  sweatshirts are available in Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large for US$26.95 at

MyClip Thigh for the iPad. Meanwhile, John Ewing has posted a detailed review of the MyClip thigh for the iPad, a new device for mounting an iPad that is being used as an electronic flight bag. John concluded that at US$39.95, the MyClip Thigh is probably not as cheap as a home-made solution. However, he also noted that its “well made, easy-to-install, less likely to cause overheating issues.”

The 2010 Wings Over Atlanta Air Show. On a different note, David Cenciotti has posted an extensive collection of photographs from the 2010 “Wings over Atlanta” air show at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base. The post is part of a series of posts (50th Anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori airshow, RAAF Williamtown airshow and Axalp airshow) he has done about recent air shows.

Bonhams to Auction Rare World War I Aviation Art. On an interesting historical note, General Aviation News has mentioned that rarely seen examples of original World War I aviation art will come to auction at Bonhams & Butterfields in San Francisco on Monday, November 15. Many of the works of art were commissioned by the French, German and American governments and hence, are rarely seen in public (but will be viewable to the public from Friday until the day of the auction). For further information or to purchase a catalogue, visit Bonhams’ website or the website for the auction itself.

What is an Alaskan Bush Pilot’s Greatest Fear? And on a final interesting note, the AlaskanDispatch’s Bush Pilot blog has posted a video by independent filmmaker Paul Hemann of an interview he did with Alaskan bush pilot Jason Sturgis who has an unusual fear for pilots: Going down and getting eaten by a Grizzly Bear. Hemann also has his own YouTube channel where he has a number of Alaskan bush pilot related videos.


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