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Bose A20 Review. The Ask a CFI website has recently noted that Jason Schappert of M0A Aviation has a video review of the Bose A20 which he was able to try at EAA AirVenture (OshKosh). In the review, he noted that Bose is on the cutting edge of aviation headset technology and he gave a glowing review of the new headset.

Using the iPad at Night in the Cockpit. In addition and if you are using the iPad in the cockpit as an electronic flight bag, John Ewing has recently written on his Aviation Mentor blog how a built-in feature on the iPad can make it easier to to see in the cockpit at night. In his post, he explained how to use this feature plus he provided a few screenshots as well to demonstrate how the iPad screen looks when the feature is used.

Kneepad for the iPad. Moreover, General Aviation News has mentioned that New Sky Products, LLC has introduced the AppStation, an iPad kneeboard for aviation. The device retails for US$69.95 and for more information, visit

New Flight Sharing Website. On a useful note, a new website called has launched to match general aviation pilots with non-pilots who wish to get together and fly. The website will accept flight requests from those who seek to join pilots on their flights and will then automatically send match-notifications to all matching parties. Already and after just a few weeks, the site has registered 1,000 pilots from around the USA.

What is the Best Flying Skill. Meanwhile, Vincent, the blogger behind the Plastic Pilot blog, is polling his readers to ask them what their best flying skill is and why. In other words: “Are you a good stick and rudder pilot? Is your best skill flight management? Anything else?” Feel free to comment on his blog.

Reviews of Flyabout. On a different note, Robert Mark of Jetwhine has posted some reviews of Flyabout – a 74-minute film about the 30-day, 70-flight-hour  GOANA Air Safari around Australia. Rob himself noted that the film “represents a family of strangers drawn together by their love of flying, as well as their love of life, challenges that demand continuous learning until that final flight.” However and if you want to watch the movie for yourself, just visit to find out how to get a copy.

Plane Crazy Down Under. And if you are interested in learning more about what is happening in aviation Down Under (Australia and the Asia-Pacific region), General Aviation News has noted the Plane Crazy Down Under aviation podcast (Internet radio show). Already, 44 episodes have been produced and these episodes have been downloaded more than 45,000 times by listeners around the world. Some of the more unique episodes have included “Flying in & over Antarctica” and “Coverage of the Perth Red Bull Air Race.”

Planning for the Unplanned. On a safety note, the November/December 2010 issue of FAA Safety Briefing is focused on abnormal and emergency situations with articles that are focused on planning for the “unplanned.” Also included in the issue are tools and resources that pilots can use to handle emergency situations. You can check out the entire issue here.

The “Jetman’s” Latest Aerial Stunts. And finally, Yves Rossy, the so-called “Jetman” who has already flown across the English Channel using his winged jet-pack, has just pulled off another aerial stunt: Two aerial loops in front of a hot air balloon. The stunt demonstrates the increasing amount of freedom that Yves Rossy’s new wing is permitting. You can read more about the so-called Jetman and his device on his website.


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