Best of the Web Releases Version 4.0. General Aviation News has noted that has just released Version 4.0 of its free online pilot logbook software and the new version includes dozens of new features and enhancements. For more information, visit

FlightPrep Sets the Record Straight. Meanwhile, General Aviation News has mentioned that FlightPrep has been in the news lately about their efforts to enforce their Online Flight Planning Patent. According to company officials, some of the news has been wrong and they sent an open letter to the aviation community to clarify information. The letter was reprinted by General Aviation News.

Instrument Refresher Webinar. If you need an instrument refresher course, there will be an eight-week Instrument Pilot Ground/Refresher Webinar from Bob Miller Flight Training beginning on January 13, 2011. The course is designed for serious instrument pilots who want to review all the critical components of IFR flight. The series will cost US$149 and for more information, visit

Official Pan Am Merchandise. For holiday gift ideas, check out the new line of Official Pan Am Brand bags and accessories from Inc., an online reseller for all things aviation. To view the new line of official Pan Am branded bags and accessories, simply click here.

Aviation Books for Kids. In addition and for holiday gift ideas specifically for children, the Winged Victory Women in Aviation eZine has mentioned several aviation themed books for kids that are well worth checking out.

Earhart Mystery Solved? On a historical note, the Telegraph has recently reported that a bone found on a remote Pacific island could be that of Amelia Earhart.  The bone was found at a castaway’s encampment along with the remains of a 1930s woman’s compact and other artifacts dating from the same period. However, it will take time before the results of DNA tests are available.

Attention Citation Owners or Pilots. If you own or fly a Citation, Thomas A. Horne, the Editor At Large for AOPA Pilot, wants to hear about your experiences owning, maintaining or flying one for an article he is researching about the Citation II/IISP/SII series. For further details, visit his post on the Reporting Points blog.

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