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How Flu is Transmitted on a Aircraft. With swine flu in the news, has posted a detailed article about how flu is NOT transmitted on an aircraft. Apparently, modern air circulation systems are very efficient at trapping particles, viruses and bacteria before they can be recirculated. So the primary method of transmission is still close proximity to an infected person or infected surfaces. Hence, suggests the use of gloves for flight attendants – especially when collecting trays and garbage.  

Aero-News Network, Inc Cessna Aircraft Financing. Meanwhile, keeping in mind that aircraft sales have slumped, the Airplane Blog suggests would be buyers of Cessnas to check out the website of Cessna Finance Corporation (CFC) – a company that has specialized in aircraft financing for Cessna aircraft since 1953. The company will also provide fractional financing plus they have an inventory of aircraft available for sale. With aircraft sales and prices falling, there is not a better time to check out options for purchasing of financing the purchase of a new or used aircraft. 

AEA 2009 Perspectives: The State Of The Industry. On an upbeat note, attendees at the recent Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) 2009 Convention and Tradeshow, although bemoaning the current state of the global economy, seemed relatively upbeat about the future prospects of avionics and aviation in general. In fact, Aero News TV has posted the first part of a three part question survey where they ask attendees to gauge the current state of the industry with those interviewed generally agreeing that this is just a temporary “rough patch.” 

A New International Flight Simulator Consortium. Meanwhile, now that Microsoft has closed its Flight Simulator division and has let go of the team developing and maintaining it, Let’s Go Flying has reported that a new consortium is being formed by major publishers and developers of add-on products in the simulator industry to take the lead in developing new simulator software. Hopefully, this will ensure the continued development of a very useful platform for everyone who dreams to fly and those who are already taking the steps to learn how to fly.

Powerless Plane Plummets: On Top of Portable Toilets. And finally, the Aero-News Network is reporting an odd story with a happy ending. It seems that a Cessna 182 suffered a power lost after take off from the Pierce County (WA) airport and ended up bouncing off of some portable toilets in a storage yard, flipped and then landed upside down onto a pile of wood chips. Thanks to initially hitting the portable toilets and coming to rest on the wood chips, the pilot was able to walk away from the crash – definitely with a story to tell the next time he and his pilot friends get together over drinks!  

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