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Review of ForeFlight on an iPad. Aluwings, the blogger behind the Wings Stayed On blog, has posted a detailed review about using ForeFlight as a weather and planning application on the iPad. He also noted a few limitations with the application, namely that the eCharts are for the most part limited to the United States.

MGL Avionics Debuts a New Headset. General Aviation News along with the Winged Victory Women in Aviation eZine have has noted that MGL Avionics has introduced the MGL Avionics MGL-880 Aviation Headset for only US$125. For more information, visit

Awesome Aviation Apparel. Meanwhile, Paul Tocknell has posted a glowing review on the Ask a CFI website about some of the clothing samples he received from Runway Pilot’s new line of clothing called Flitek. As he noted, Flitek is performance wear made with rayon from bamboo and organic cotton and hence, its designed to maximize comfort in the cockpit.

Serengeti Velocity Aviator Sunglasses. In addition, Steve, the blogger behind the A mile of runway will take you anywhere blog, has posted a detailed review of the Serengeti Velocity Titanium aviator sunglasses with Drivers Gradient lenses. He gave the glasses 4 out of 5 “cubs.”

Quiz About the Dangers of In-flight Icing. On a winter safety note, the AOPA Air Safety Institute has a quiz to help pilots learn how to avoid icing conditions and what to do if you should unexpectedly fly into them.

2011 Bahamas Pilot Challenge. Should your flying plans take you to some place warm this winner, General Aviation News has noted that Inc. has launched a new program challenging pilots to fly to 12 of the 20 airports of entry in the Bahamas during 2011. Along the way, participants will receive prizes such as hats and t-shirts and every pilot that completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an eight-night stay in the Bahamas. For further information, visit the or

Flying a Cirrus to Hawaii. And speaking of warm places to fly this winter, John Fiscus has posted a detailed Part 1 and Part 2 trip report about flying to Hawaii. As John noted, the experience was filled with “some interesting happenings: engine failures and roughness, avionics difficulties, ice, crampped space surrounded by fuel tanks… and a looooong stretch of open water.”

Snowed-in UK Airports on Webcam. And finally a dose of reality for UK based pilots: Sylvia, the blogger behind the Fear of Landing blog, has posted a number of pictures she captured (plus links) from various air field webcams from snowed-in airports around the UK.  However, she also ended her post by posting several pictures of the sun setting over the warm and usually sunny Spanish coast (no doubt to rube it in!).

Headcorn, Kent

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