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DTC DUAT and Seattle Avionics Introduce New Flight Planner. DTC DUAT and Seattle Avionics, Inc. have unveiled their new DUAT Voyager – a 100% free flight planner. DUAT Voyager downloads weather and TFR information from the Internet. Hence it is not an Internet-based flight planner and it is not subject to the FlightPrep patent issues. For more information, visit or

FlightBOX App Launches. In addition, iApps has released FlightBOX, a free all-in-one flight bag app for the iPhone and iPad that features a customizable logbook for flight data entry. FlightBOX is available for for free from the iTunes App store and for more information, visit In addition and in conjunction with the app, a FlightBOX web resource community has also been created.

Instant Weather Information. For USA based fliers, General Aviation News has mentioned that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) national weather map. Users just roll their mouse over the map and can instantly see weather at airports around the country. A very useful service indeed!

Aviators in Early Hollywood Book Review: Aviators in Early Hollywood. On a different note, General Aviation News has posted a book review of “Aviators in Early Hollywood” by Shawna Kelly. The book begins with the birth of film and continues to today showcasing a diverse range of pilot actors such as Jimmy Stewart and Christopher Reeves. The book is available directly from the publisher at or from other online book stores.

Paper Airplane Making. On a fun note, Cathy Gale has mentioned on the Winged Victory Women in Aviation blog that she has recently purchased the 365 Tiny Paper Air Planes Calendar which actually has only 30 different paper airplane models. Nevertheless, she plans to fold one each day and post the photos onto the Winged Victory site. Already, she has folded and posted photos of a paper Mustang, Thunderbolt and Cloudskipper.

Aircraft Cutaway Drawings. Meanwhile, the Flightglobal website reminded its readers that they have published a wide range of cutaways last year from military aircraft to business aviation aircraft. The cutaways come complete with technical descriptions and they are available for purchase in the Flightglobal Image Store.

Airlines We Lost in 2010.  On an interesting note, the Cranky Flier blog has posted its annual review of the airlines that were lost in the previous year. However, some of these airlines, like Mexicana which was briefly known as the worst airline ever, will probably NOT be missed by many passengers!

How Many Hours Have You Flown in 2010? Finally, Vincent, the blogger behind the Plastic Pilot blog, is polling his readers about how many hours they flew in 2010. He is also asking readers how many hours they plan to fly in 2011 and what their other aviation goals are for the year.

Hence, we would also like to poll you our readers about your 2010 flying hours as well as your aviation plans for 2011. So feel free to post your comments below.

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