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Hear Aircraft Maintenance Problems. On a maintenance note, Spectronics Corp. has introduced the Spectroline Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool. The tool can convert and amplify inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sounds to allow Aviation technicians to hear sounds that could signify problems. For more information, visit

New Aircraft Heater. In addition, Aircraft Spruce is now offering a new experimental aircraft cabin heater – the Neat Heater for US$372. The heater is manufactured by Light Sport Technologies and is compact in size, measuring less than 8 inches square and 4 inches in depth. For more information, visit

Knik Glacier Crash. On an interesting note, the Bush Pilot blog has mentioned that Craig Medred has written the first part of a three part story of the August 8, 2010 Knik Glacier Crash. While flying over the glacier, a bank of clouds moved in an engulfed the aircraft and soon the aircraft was “skipping across the surface of the glacier and spinning to a stop, the engine torn from its mounts.”

Flying a Cirrus to Hawaii. In addition, John Fiscus has written Part III of his series (complete with video) narrating the adventures he had flying a Cirrus to Hawaii. Moreover, John has now flown and landed a Cirrus in all 50 USA states.

Book review: Hearts of Courage. If you are looking for winter reading, General Aviation News has posted a short review of “Birds of Prey: Predators, Reapers and America’s Newest UAVs in Combat,” by Bill Yenne. The 159 page photo filled book tells the story of UAVs and how they have been used since the beginning of powered flight. The book is available at and from online booksellers.

Steam Powered Aircraft. Finally and on a green aviation and a historical note, General Aviation News has posted this video from 1933 showing Besler’s steam powered airplanes. The aircraft was demonstrated by the Besler brothers on April 12, 1933, over Oakland California and it was noted that the plane was so quiet that spectators on the ground could hear the pilot calling out to them. The aircraft’s developers said 10 gallons of water could power a flight of 400 miles

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