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If winter still has you grounded, you may want to check out the following aviation related books and DVDs (or take the time to update your aviation library) that will keep you occupied until the spring flying season:

Garmin G1000: Training and Flying Tips. If you are thinking of getting trained on the G1000, Vincent, the blogger behind the PlasticPilot blog, has written an eBook entitled: “Garmin G1000 – Training and Flying Tips.” The book can be ordered for US$9.95 on his blog.

FAR/AIM 2011. For USA based pilots, the 2011 edition of FAR/AIM, the complete aeronautical information manual from the Federal Aviation Administration, is already available. FAR/AIM 2011 has nearly 1,000 pages of current FAA data and dozens of instructional illustrations and its available from for US$15.95.

Popular FAA Aviation Titles Converted to iPhone eBook Apps. In addition, Inc. has launched a new line of iPhone eBook applications that has converted 12 popular FAA Publications into iPhone eBooks. These books include FAA Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook; FAA Airplane Flying Handbook; FAA Balloon Flying Handbook; FAA CFI Handbook; FAA FAR/AIM; FAA Glider Flying Handbook; FAA Instrument Flying Handbook; FAA Instrument Procedures Handbook; FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge; FAA Rotorcraft Flying Handbook; FAA Seaplane, Skiplane, and Float/Ski Equipped Helicopter Ops Handbook; and FAA Student Pilot’s Guide. For more information, visit

iBook Editions of Popular ASA Titles. Moreover, six new iBook Editions have been added to the expanding library of eBooks from Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA). These titles include “Flying Carpet” by Greg Brown; “You Can Fly!” by Greg Brown, Laurel Lippert, and Tom Lippert; “The Golden Years of Flying” by Captain Tex Searle; the “Private Oral Exam Guide” and “Instrument Oral Exam Guide” by Michael D. Hayes; and the “Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms” by Dale Crane. For more information, visit

2011 Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot’s Guide. If you are thinking of flying to or around the Bahamas, the 2011 Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot’s Guide is now available. The 400-page book has been in print for 33 years and is also a great source of information about the Bahamas for non-aviators as well. The Pilot’s Guide is available for US$56.95 from Pilot Publishing, Inc.,, Sporty’s and various pilot shops in the State of Florida.

Free Pilot’s Guide to Avionics. The Aircraft Electronic Association’s latest Pilot’s Guide to Avionics is now available along with the AEA’s Pilot’s Guide to Avionics website where pilots can find an avionics glossary, repair station directory by state and country and archives of past Pilot’s Guide articles. The free guides themselves will be distributed at various tradeshows and conferences sponsored by the AEA.

Free Top 10 Aircraft Wiring Mistakes. If you are building an aircraft at home, Vertical Power has a free 12-page paper entitled: “Top 10 Aircraft Wiring Mistakes.” The paper is intended for homebuilders who want to avoid making common wiring mistakes.

VFR Communications from Sporty’s. Steve, the blogger behind A mile of runway will take you anywhere, has posted a review of VFR Communications, Sporty’s newest instructional DVD in their “What You Should Know Series.” Steve noted that Sporty’s has come up with a much improved product compared with previous releases. The DVD is available from Sporty’s for US$34.95.

You Can Afford To Be A Pilot. If you are not yet a pilot or know someone who is thinking of becoming one but they are wavering due to the costs, “You Can Afford to be a Pilot” written by CFI/CTT Timothy O’Connor is well worth reading. The book offers a complete tour of the pilot training and certification process from the perspectives of the instructor, examiner and student. For further information or to purchase a paperback or eBook edition, check out the book’s web page at

Book Review: Two Gold Coins and a Prayer. Finally and for aviation history buffs, General Aviation News has posted a book review of “Two Gold Coins and a Prayer: The Epic Journey of a World War II Bomber Pilot and POW.” The book tells the story of James H. Keeffe Jr. (whose son happens to be the author), a second lieutenant in the US Army Air Corps during World War II who was shot down over Holland and managed to evade capture for several months before ending up a prisoner of war in Stalag III. The book is available from Appell Publishing at as well as various online booksellers.

Two Gold Coins and a Prayer

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