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The holidays will be here in a little more than one month’s time and hence, we have compiled a list of aviation related books that offer some great non-dry reading and are worth checking out either as gifts or for winter reading purposes:

LuckyMe-2 Winter Reading List. Kate Knoblauch recently posted a question on the Ask a CFI site about what aviation books she should be reading this winter. Kent Shook responded by suggesting Rinker Buck’s “Flight of Passage,” Ernest Gann’s “Fate is the Hunter” and Bert Stiles’ “Serenade to the Big Bird” for great non-dry reading.

The Life and Flights of Clay Lacy. For those who enjoy history and pilot stories, General Aviation News has mentioned the book, “Lucky Me: The Life and Flights of Veteran Aviator Clay Lacy,” which features a collection of rare photographs and previously untold stories to reveal how “one of the most versatile pilots in the history of powered flight helped revolutionize the aviation industry.” After all, Lacy was an “airline captain, experimental test pilot, air race champion, aviation record-setter, aerial cinematographer and entrepreneur.” For more information, visit

Amelia Earhart Book Review. In addition, the Life on the Road as a Pilot blog has a book review of “Amelia Earhart: The Sky’s no Limit,” by Lori Van Pelt. Lori noted that although the book is written for a young adult audience, it brings a depth to the legend of Amelia Earhart. To learn more about the book or to place an order, visit Lori Van Pelt’s website.

Landings in Portugal. For World War II aviation buffs, the Aero Experience has recommended “Landing in Portugal” by Carlos Guerreiro. It was noted that during World War II, more than 100 aircraft from belligerent countries either crashed or landed in Portugal for a variety of reasons with and more than 600 airmen being interned from 1935 to 1945. In addition, all of the fascinating stories of these airmen can be found on the website.

JetAge Jet Age Book Review. Steve, the blogger behind A mile of runway will take you anywhere has posted a review of “Jet Age: The Comet, the 707, and the Race to Shrink the World” by Sam Howe Verhovek. The book tells the story of the players who helped to create the modern jet age – starting with the tragic crashes of the de Havilland Comet back in the early 1950s.

Flight of the Feral Chihuahua. On a related note, General Aviation News has noted that Author Jeremiah D. Jackson has released a new book entitled: “The Flight of the Feral Chihuahua: In Pursuit of the Round-Trip Transcontinental Speed Record.” The book tells the about “the effort, challenges and fears behind setting a new round-trip transcontinental speed record in a small airplane.” For more information, visit

Of course, this is a very short list of aviation related books and hence, we want to ask you our readers: Are there any other new or relatively new (and perhaps more obscure) aviation related books out there that you would recommend as gifts or for winter reading purposes? Be sure to let us know.

Flight of the Feral Chihuahua


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