Best of the Web: Christmas Gift Ideas for Pilots

With Christmas just around the corner, here are a few Christmas gift ideas for pilots or potential sources for aviation related gifts (feel free to add any additional ideas in the comments section or check out our previous gift ideas from past years here):’s 12 Days of Savings and Pilot Gift Guide. Its too late to cash in on’s annual “12 Days of Savings” event that featured a new and discounted gift idea for the twelve days leading up to December 9th. However, also has a holiday gift guide for pilots that you can still check out.

Wag-Aero Fall Edition Catalog. Some time ago, Wag-Aero, a manufacturer and distributor of aircraft parts for the general aviation and LSA industries, had introduced its 2012 Fall Edition Catalog. The catalog features a full line of general aviation and LSA parts and other items.

Aircraft Spruce’s Christmas Gift Catalog., which offers more than 80,000 different products, has created a gift section where products are sorted by product type and price so that you can view products in dollar increments ranging from under $50, $100, $200, $500 or over $500. also has a free 900-page catalog.

Sporty’s Gift Guide. Sporty’s has a holiday gift guide too that has grouped appropriate gifts into Student Pilots, Advanced Pilots, Aircraft Owners and Aviation Enthusiasts to help narrow the search plus there is a new 2012 category specific for iPads (the “iPad Pilots” group). Gifts are also grouped by price range, starting at “Under $30” and going up through “Over $500.” - Co-Pilot-ChecklistSporty’s Placards. Sporty’s has also come up with a few humorous placards for the cockpit to try and keep nervous passengers relaxed. Placards include a Panic Button; one that reads: “No Smoking: If you must smoke, please step outside;” another one that reads: “Intentional Straight and Level Flight Prohibited;” and another that provides the following checklist for the co-pilot: “1. Don’t touch anything and 2. Keep your mouth shut.” Panic Button, No Smoking, Straight and Level and Co-Pilot Checklist are each available for $2.95 or $9.95 for all four. - Corsair ShelfSporty’s Corsair Shelf. In addition and for a unique gift idea, Sporty’s is offering the Corsair Shelf for your wall or desk. The Corsair Shelf is sculptured of resin with the distinctive front silhouette of a Corsair created in 3D while tempered glass completes the shelf. The Corsair Shelf can either be hung on a wall (three keyhole hangers) or placed on a desk or in a bookcase. The F4U Corsair Shelf measures 5” high by 22.5” long by 3” deep and is available for $59.99.

Wish Lists and Budget Buys From the AOPA Aviation Summit. Alyssa Miller, the AOPA Online Managing Editor, came up with two wish lists on her way to the AOPA Aviation Summit – one where her budget was unlimited and another where her budget had a more realistic $500 limit. Her gift ideas included potential aircraft (for the unlimited budget), headsets, navigational aides, aviation adventures and sunglasses.  

Christmas Gifts From the Last Flying Vulcan. A range of Christmas gifts has been launched to help raise money for the last flying Vulcan. Otherwise, you can browse more than 350 items in the Vulcan to the Sky online store, including a range of books and models such as a hand-crafted mahogany “Heritage” Vulcan and a Spitfire.

The New Aviator Light Pen. Wicks Aircraft Supply has created a pen with a lighted tip that’s perfect for a pilot who flies at night and needs to write down a clearance or needs to see or make a mark on their map. The Aviator - Stearman Wing Conference TablesLight Pen is available for just $9.99.

Stearman Wing Conference Table (And Other Aviation Themed Furniture). If you have a big Christmas gift budget, we have mentioned furniture designer MotoArt and their aviation themed furniture in the past. And as we mentioned in the past, prices aren’t listed on MotoArt’s website, but there are plenty of creative aviation inspired pieces for you to consider.

2013 Pilots Without Pants Calendar. Finally, the Antique Airplane Club of Greater New York in Bayport, New York, has released its 2013 Pilots Without Pants calendar, which features 13 nude pilots next to some of the country’s rarest antique airplanes. The club has been doing the Pilots Without Pants calendar for some years now to raise funds to help preserve antique aircraft. For more information, visit

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