Best of the Web: Some weird aviation news

Man Attempts to Board Flight With a Pet Rat Down His Trousers. A man bound to London was briefly detained at the Melbourne international airport after attempting to pass through a body scanner with a live rat down his trousers. The passenger “voluntarily offloaded themselves from the flight,” was not arrested and was allowed to leave the airport (we assume with the pet rat).

Gently Used Spanish Airport for Sale for Only $133 million. For the pilot who has everything, the gently used and “pre-owned” Cuidad Real International Airport is for sale. The airport south of Ciudad Real was built in 2008 to serve the Andaluscian coast and Madrid (which are each 50 minutes away by train). It was fully opened in 2009 and shut down just last year. The airport was recently featured in an episode of the BBC motoring show ‘Top Gear’ and boasts a runway long enough to land the Airbus A380 – the world’s largest airliner. And while $133 million may sound like a steal for a Russian or Middle East billionaire, the airport does come with around €529 million (£454million) in debts and creditors include those whose homes were bought to make way for the infrastructure plus two airlines are owed money.

First Responders to the Nairobi Airport Fire Loot It. Officials in Kenya who are investigating the massive airport fire that gutted the arrival hall at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport are also investigating the first responders who reportedly looted electronics, a bank and an ATM during and after the blaze. As East Africa’s largest aviation hub, the fire disrupted air travel across the continent while one official said there was now behind-the-scenes finger pointing taking place between the police, fire department and army as to who did (or did not do) what.

Watch Out for Boats on the Runway. Matt Dearden, the British bush pilot behind the Bush Flying Diaries, Indonesia, had to make use of a small canoe to determine that a runway he needs to use at Enarotaili is now under 2 feet of very clear water. Enarotaili is located at 5,500 feet in the Paniai district of Papua on the banks of Lake Paniai which is also the largest body of freshwater in the area. - Enarotaili's runway

A Pilot Uses His Plane to Find His Stolen Equipment. Kevin Weber, the pilot owner of  Weber Farms near Quincy, Washington, had his dump truck and trailer stolen. So after receiving an anonymous tip, he got into his aircraft and flew over an area where he saw his stolen truck and trailer in the yard of a man who had worked for him four years ago. The man was arrested and the equipment was returned. - Drone delivering dry cleaningDry Cleaning Delivery Via Drone. NBC 10 Philadelphia has reported that some dry cleaning customers in Philadelphia are having their dry cleaning delivered by drone from Manayunk Cleaners  in order to avoid city traffic. And while it can currently carry just a few light items, owner Harry Vartanian says he was working on an advanced model that will be able to send up to 10 pounds of clothes farther afield. However, he did concede that drone delivery won’t revolutionize the dry cleaning industry any time soon.

imageFake Speed Enforced by Drone Signs Appear Along Highways. Finally and speaking of drones again, several signs have cropped up on San Francisco Bay Area highways telling drivers that drones are enforcing speed limits, but the California Highway Patrol (CHP) says the signs are fakes and that they do not have drones. Whoever made the signs knew what they were doing as they look just like real ones and one was actually mounted using tamper-resistant bolts. An investigation by a local TV station then revealed they were made by a local artist – who actually broke the law by placing them along highways.

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