Best of the Web - Censored KangarooTourism Australia in Hot Water for Censoring a “Full Frontal” Kangaroo Facebook Pic. If you are thinking of flying to Australia for a late summer vacation, be warned that not everyone there has a sense of humour as  Tourism Australia has drawn some flack for posting a picture of “Big Baz” on their Facebook page after they pixelated the animal’s genitals. The caption on the image had read: “Enjoying a lazy afternoon at Featherdale Wildlife Park *Censored for Facebook.”

How Not To Use a GPS Jamming Device. In another odd story, the US Federal Communications Commission has fined Gary Bojczak nearly $32,000 after concluding he interfered with Newark Liberty International Airport’s satellite-based tracking system when he used an illegal GPS jamming device in his pickup truck to hide his whereabouts from his employer.

High Flying Pilots Appear to Suffer From More Brain Lesions. A study published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, of 102 U-2 United States Air Force pilots and 91 non-pilots between the ages of 26 and 50 found that the pilots had nearly four times the volume and three times the number of brain lesions as non-pilots. The author of the study stated: “Pilots who fly at altitudes above 18,000 feet are at risk for decompression sickness, a condition where gas or atmospheric pressure reaches lower levels than those within body tissues and forms bubbles. ”

Breitling Jet Team Great Wall of ChinaBreitling Jet Team Soars Over Great Wall of China. Last week, seven L-39c Albatros jets of the Breitling Jet Team soared in close formation at speeds of up to 750km/h over the Great Wall of China, as part of the grand finale of their 2013 Asian tour.

16-year-old Solos 10 Airplanes in One Day to Set a World Record. Nathan “Nate” Bruss recently turned 16 years old and celebrated by soloing 10 different aircraft starting with three take-offs and full stop landings in a Cessna 152 with the remaining flights consisting of one take-off and one landing per plane. In total, Nate logged 4.5 solo hours in two Cessna 152s, one Cessna 162 Skycatcher, five Cessna 172s and two Piper PA-28-161 Warriors.

RAF Tornado Has a Near Miss With a Glider. The Independent has reported that an RAF fighter pilot flying a Tornado narrowly missed hitting a glider by a mere 100 feet after executing an inverted loop at 500 mph. The pilot was doing refueling and weaponry exercises. Had the RAF fighter pilot attempted to pull up above the glider, there would have been a risk that the aircraft’s engines would have forced the glider into spiraling towards the ground.

Snow in New Guinea. Finally, Matt Dearden, the English born PC-6 bush pilot flying out in the jungles of Indonesia and the blogger behind the Bush Flying Diaries, Indonesia blog, has posted some pictures of snowy mountains that might not appear to be anything special unless we also mentioned that these snow covered mountains are in New Guinea which lies just below the equator.

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