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What’s your favourite airport approach?

VFR approach into Cannes I was part of a judging panel for PrivateFly’s favourite approaches poll. My three suggestions (which I have flown myself) were: Cannes When you fly the VFR approach, you fly right over the centre of the town, over a beautiful medieval walled village and then turn south and fly down to […]

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Its cheaper to park a GA aircraft than a car at UK airports

Good news for UK pilots who thought flying was really expensive: Its actually cheaper to park your aircraft at a UK airport than to park your car at one! Specifically and according to a survey by the The Independent that was also picked up by the Daily Mail, its cheaper to leave your six-seater light […]

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New FBO at Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM)

Until recently, if you flew a private aircraft into Amsterdam Schiphol the only FBO there was KLM Jet Centre. They weren’t particularly cheap and compared with their snappy sister FBO in Rotterdam, it all seemed a bit too laid back and unwelcoming. Now, Aviapartner has opened a new FBO at Schiphol and you have a […]

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Cirrus SR22 to Rotterdam (Awesome HD Video)

My friend Nick flew with me and our wives to Rotterdam a  week ago. We went to The Hague for lunch and a quick visit to the delightful Mauritshuis Musuem. It’s such a lovely museum: full of treasures, including Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring, but small enough so that it doesn’t give you culture […]

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Readers’ poll: What is the scariest UK airport and why?

The Dallas Morning News’ Airline Biz Blog has recently posted a list (along with videos for each entry) of the top 10 scariest airports in the world according to SmarterTravel. However, only one UK airport, Barra Airport on the Isle of Barra in Scotland, was mentioned. The reason? Its actually a beach. Hence, we want […]

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Flying to Lelystad, Holland (Video)

Lelystad (EHLE) is a great destination for GA pilots in the Netherlands. It’s very GA-friendly but still has customs on site and (relatively) cheap landing fees compared to Schiphol or Rotterdam. The aviation museum, pilot shop and cafe with terrace make it a nice place to spend a day if you’re a pilot or aviation […]

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Egelsbach (EDFE)

Located 5 miles south-east of Frankfurt am Main, Egelsbach is Germany’s busiest general aviation airport. It’s a non-controlled VFR-only airport in class D airspace, with a permanent implicit clearance to enter, granted from Frankfurt Tower. On busy days, up to 80 movements per hour are not unusual. Yes, 80 landings or take-offs in 60 minutes, […]

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